This image from Oblivion suggests “water bearer” to me.

Judaism began in Egypt as the Age of Taurus the Bull gave way to the Age of Aries the Ram.

Christianity grew out of Judaism as the zodiacal Age of Aries transitioned to the Age of Pisces the Fish.

Now that we slowly shift into the Age of Aquarius — the sign of the Water Bearer — what new religion is coming to birth in our time?

It is not, I think, what John S. Dunne hoped for in The Way of All the Earth.

In the early part of the last century, we might have guessed “communism.” After all, Marxism and allied isms constitute a post-Christian political cult obsessively constructed by secular Jews, the folks who Choose (and said to be themselves Chosen). Youngsters today, utterly lacking more than a hint of historical knowledge, seem to be trying to bring it back. But their new and intellectually vacuous cult of intersectionalist grievance-mongering has embarrassment written all over it. How can it possibly survive?

By sheer memetic inertia alone?

Or does it truly feed off of some chthonian power source . . . from which I am completely disconnected? Perhaps the devil is not in the details, but in big picture. From this movement may come the antichrist at last?

It is probably too much to hope for a watercourse way — of liberty. That seems an unlikely religion. Not one that lots of Jews would choose, anyway.

But we do have a powerful trio (not to say “trinity”) of powerful Jewish prophets, we libertarians: Mises (rhymes with “Jesus,” looks like “Moses”), Rothbard and Rand.

Can we swap one out for Nozick?

Dunne’s sort of discipline is too much to ask of lazy postmoderns.