Because we are trapped in the arc of a historical movement with the State at once ascendent and on the precipice, our politics consists chiefly in ratcheting up the levels of hypocrisy and hysteria. Until we confront the nature of the arc, we cannot be pried out of our predicament.
No one candidate can save us.

The likelihood of societal recognition and repentance, however, is extremely low. So we play our parts in the fated motion. I suppose there could be some deus ex machina to rescue civilization from its apparent fate, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Still, we might want to admit that while last time around, with Clinton vs. Trump, we read the sign of a ridiculous trap, Biden vs. Trump this time is that screwed up to increased idiocy. The problems of Trump are fairly obvious (though many apparently obvious bad things about him are not true), while the menace level that is Biden is hidden from full view. Sure, we all, deep down, realize his mind is going, and that he will be a mere puppet to his masters. We just do not know, right now, who his masters would be: for there is a selection of puppeteers ready to jerk the strings. The most feared set consists of woke-scold leftist whackos. But the more likely string-masters would be the usual suspects, the people who worked with Jeffrey Epstein and who constitute a major presence behind the scenes that smart people MUST NOT TALK ABOUT.

Meanwhile, Democrats only recognize the bizarre insanity of Trump, and Republicans recognize only the senescent lunacy of Biden. And those of us who admit how mad this all is have a bigger worry: just how disastrously compromised is the country that has this choice for its fate?