Last year, a friend asked me who I thought Democrats would pick out of their sorry line-up. I chose Kamala Harris because she had the icy inhumanity that the DNC understands, and which can be pitched as Tough.

The fact that she proved wildly unpopular with rank-and-file Democrats made me look a little too out-of-touch cynical, but hey: Biden has pulled the string!

Or, should I say, Biden’s String Masters have pulled the string and selected Harris as his running mate . . . probably for the reasons I indicated: she is ruthless and unscrupulous and a woman “of color“!

Ah, Democrats, you had better still hope TDS can win an election, for putting up a doddering, ultra-corrupt crony along with a scary POC player is going to require quite a lot of hate, for little love can be milked either from or for this bizarre, strange-bedfellows power couple.

But at least my prediction was on track, and my prophecy of an end to the American republic nicely made more likely by this ratcheting up of crazy and evil.