When, last year, I guessed that Kamala Harris would be the next Democratic Party nominee for the presidency, it was not because I detected a groundswell of support for her amongst Democrats. I did think Democrats would go for her, I guess — and boy, was I wrong, back then — but that wasn’t really what led me to pick her. Something about her stands out — and it is not her personability.

She obviously has what it takes to do the bidding of the plutocracy — the big banks, the globalist political groups, Silicon Valley billionaires, Bill Gates and George Soros et al. — while mouthing the pathetic fantasies of leftists who still think the Democratic Party is ‘for the common person.’

She has all the charm of Richard Nixon and Hillary Clinton . . . tho not added together, make that subtracted or divided. She is a genuinely unpleasant human being. Her history of playing her advantage is, however, not in any way in doubt. Which is why the plutocracy loves her.

So, her selection as VP to Joe Biden’s P is what the DNC and Democratic leaders (and, presumably, Biden himself) think of core Democratic voters: they will vote for any toady of the plutocracy as long as she speaks socialist platitudes out of one side of her mouth.

Seems about right. She is being accepted.

But not by MARGINAL Democrats, I bet.

Nevertheless, we will see. Perhaps she will assume the presidency within the year, as Biden is rolled off into a Home for the Forever Bewildered.