The recent online “convention” of the Democratic Party was the event to miss last week.

According to some observers, it was worse than a mere train wreck: it was a racist train wreck.

Racism was the main theme. Only nominee Joe Biden made a pitch for inclusion and bringing Americans together. Everyone else harped on how racist America is.

And what those speakers really mean is how racist non-Democratic white people are. “The Democrats have become such a virulently racist party that skin color is the only thing they run on,” David Marcus summarized at The Federalist. “It’s disgusting, it’s horrible, and it is tearing this country apart.” 

But Dilbert creator Scott Adams didn’t harp on Michelle Obama’s speech, or her husband’s, or Bill Clinton’s, or his wife’s — Mr. Adams attacked candidate Biden. Directly.

You see, Biden said he had decided to run in the wake of the Charlottesville debacle of 2016, when Trump said there were “good people on both sides.”

Adams takes this personally, for Adams was one of the first to show that the charge that Trump had defended the neo-Nazis at the march as “good people” was, in Adams’s words, “fake news.” Trump had said, seconds from his original “good people” utterance, that he was not referring to the neo-Nazis as good people. He was referring to some of the people at the protest who defended the statuary that was the main bone of contention at the event.

“If the Democratic Party plans to run,” Mr. Marcus predicted, “on the cynically baseless charges that America is a horrible nation made up of mostly horrible people, they will lose.” 

He may be right. It doesn’t exactly pay to insult voters whom you must entice.