The photo, taken from Facebook, shows the red-head holding a baby goat in her arms, smiling. 

A big, lovely grin; cheerful, charming. 

She appears to have a great life ahead of her, backed up by wealthy New York City professional parents — her mother an architect, her father a child psychiatrist. You might think she has every reason to smile.

But no.

You see, she faces criminal charges. 

“Clara Kraebber, 20, is one of eight people arrested Friday night after a roiling, three-hour rampage that police say caused at least $100,000 in damage from Foley Square up to 24th Street,” reports the New York Post.*

Six years earlier she had been quoted in the New York Times explaining her participation in a Manhattan rally held in solidarity with the Ferguson, Missouri, protests. “We don’t have much political power right now, being youths, but this is something we can do.” The Post identifies the Ferguson cause célèbre as “police-brutality casualty Michael Brown,” not mentioning that the “hands up”/“don’t shoot” meme that spurred the protests was false witness by a bystander, that Mr. Brown had been recorded earlier in the day committing a crime, and that multiple official investigations had concluded Brown had attacked the officer who shot him.

Not police brutality at all. The protests which drew Ms. Kraebber into a life of woke criminality were based on untruths. 

So if you want to shift blame onto someone else for her wilding vandalism, shift the blame to all those who, to this day, repeat the lie about an innocent Michael Brown.

A good girl gone bad because adults prefer their ideological narrative to the truth.

She could actually go to jail. Is she paying for your sins?


* “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground!” the group [had] chanted as it moved up Lafayette Street while busting the plate glass facades of banks, Starbucks and Duane-Reades,” the Post tells us.