I’ve said it before: it is almost as if the major political parties have both given in and accepted their roles in a comedy of destruction, on eldritch ancient principles, by adopting as their working motto “it’s come to this.” Each sees the other as so awful that actually perpetrating evil becomes acceptable in their minds.

Trump was a desperation move on the part of those who oppose the manifest thrust of America’s peculiar destiny. And the Democrats, well, after losing with a shrill, corrupt, phoney in the personage of Hillary Clinton, could have learned a lesson and accepted responsibility for their part in this totentanz, but no: they chose,instead, to double down on crazytown politics by countering an aging b.s. artist known for his supermodel sexual obsession with the Oldest Hack of all, one whose past includes repeated humiliations for plagiarism and whose sexual obsessions have been out in the open and extremely cringeworthy. Further, the man is perhaps even more corrupt than Hillary and is certainly non-p.c. both in careless speech (a perfect match for Trump) and, more importantly, in career-long policy.

But it is worse! His running mate is a woman who is at least as unpleasant and power-mad as Hillary, and who is pretending to be “Black,” of all things, making the Democrats look as awkwardly tokenistic as ever.

I have lots of friends who hate Trump enough to vote for this pair of scarecrows, but I just shake my head. The major parties are playing a very dangerous game. Unwittingly, they invoke the Law of Nemesis by exemplifying for our home-schooled population* what the ancients understood as hubris.

But is a vote for Trump really a vote for conscious clarity and reason? Hardly.

Republicans and Democrats are intellectually bankrupt, which is apt, since the federal government they scramble always to influence is itself financially bankrupt.

They are mad, the both of them, under the spell of the memes themselves — they are addled addicts of insane habits — and I do not see an easy way out, or even a likely difficult way out.

Before the end of the year, I expect a turn to major violence to dwarf the child’s play of what we have seen so far. The rational way out will not be chosen, and tyranny and anarchy both will be resorted to first.

I usually keep some emotional distance from the craziness of this country, and take a stance of strategic disengagement from the main stream of this weird civilization of ours, but perhaps it is Lord Krishna’s advocacy of detached duty, as spoken to Arjuna, that suggests me to keep, at the very least, my powder dry.

* “Home-schooled” because the number of public schools to actually teach ancient literature and wisdom must be scant, these days. How can you program another generation of witless serviles while teaching Gilgamesh, the Iliad, and the historians and philosophers?