I strongly suspect that the election result for Biden was indeed a concerted fraud on the part of the Biden Team. It was made possible in large part by the continual demonization of Trump for four years. You see, participants are more than willing to break the law and engage in massive ballot fraud ops if they believe they are fighting against HITLER!

One droll consequence of this is that every hysteric who engaged in the insane attack on Trump and his followers was sealing the fate of the republic. As Garet Garrett put it long ago: The Revolution Was.

But then, caution: I weakly suspect that 2016 was also won by Trump because of vote machine rigging. You see, Trump has strong allies on one end of the Deep State. And voting machines are made by major defense contractors. The military-industrial complex has been able to manage every election for quite a long time. I don’t think it was necessary to do so until recently . . . when the Deep State went to war with itself.

Remember: we do not live in an honest polity. All major institutions are corrupt. The United States of Amnesia is in part a construct of design. Like all designs, of course, it wanders off any given course. But the course as followed is not above-board.