I know dozens of people who are afraid to speak their minds on the Internet.

You should know why.

It is because of social threats. And only from one side.

Only one side regularly and routinely pressures employers (and business contractors) against hiring (or otherwise contracting with) people for holding the “wrong views.” Amusingly, that is the side that calls their victims “fascists.”

Less amusingly, that is the side politically allied with America’s Deep State, plutocrat class, neolib/neocon proponents of unlimited foreign warfare while bullying people into wearing masks and turning homes into prison encampments.

Their successes will soon be measured best in suicide stats. (In Japan this is already quite clear: suicides are way up.) Their ideology is one of servility and death, and death is indeed one of their goals: they support abortion with a monomaniacal fury, and will often wax poetic on the need to reduce the human population around the world (but starting with the “white race”).

Once upon a time, I showed a fair amount of intellectual respect for the theoreticians and writers on that side.

No more.

They are playing a game that I don’t see as ending in anything but mass violence or totalitarian tyranny. Opposing the latter, I am trying to emotionally prepare myself for the former.

It appears that many people hope that, maybe under a Biden administration, things’ll tone down, as we can settle into the corruption that the Biden family has practiced for such a long time, while intoning faux-earnest homilies about peace and virtue and that great mirage, “social justice.” I doubt it.

Violence is here, and will more likely increase. Defense against leftist street violence will continue to be played by the corporate media as offensive, and frustration over this will roil and overflow the pot, ending with mass slaughter as Americans have not witnessed since the Civil War.

What we are up against is technocratic fascism under cover of socialist-communist leftism. The leftists generally do not see how “far right” they have become, and the right does not see that it is being maneuvered, as if by an invisible hand, into leftist revolutionary strategy: gather the out-groups and attack the in-group hierarchy.

For the establishment in America is plutocratic/leftoid statism.

And it must indeed be overthrown.