So. I am staring at my computer screen the night before the inauguration of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., as President of these United States, and of Kamala Devi Harris as his (and the union’s) Vice. I wonder: what is going to happen?

I cannot predict what kind of protest and violence we will see. Four years earlier, there was protest and there was violence, but we have forgotten all about that now. The slate’s been wiped clean. Pussy hats are, today, a flickering pixel of a dim memory.

I would not even know how to figure the odds.

Will the lockdowns vanish after Biden/Harris are safely installed? A number of governors, led by COVID Cuomo in New York, are saying we just cannot go on doing this any longer. Nicely timed, Governor, nicely timed! But others say that masks, social distancing, rolling lockdowns, and other tyrannical controls are planned to continue well into 2025. Trust/oppose the Plan. I haven’t been let in on this conspiracy. I’m out of the loop.

Will Joe Biden himself even stay in office? I know people who speculate that his apparent senility has been a fake. This is a great age of fakery, but I prefer to believe what’s in front of us, that the bumbling fool we saw mumbling behind a mask from his basement is the real deal, and will not last his four years in office. The question really is: will he outlast William Henry Harrison?

Kamala Harris is no John Tyler, though, the man who established how vice presidents would take over from the passing of a president. I don’t see her vetoing any bills on their unconstitutionality. 

I would swear on her family Bible that I don’t know the future any more than the next person.