There is now talk of Russia breaking ties with the United States. Think of that.

Russia’s foreign ministry withdrew its ambassador to the U.S. on Wednesday after President Biden vowed that Russian leader Vladimir Putin would “pay a price” for his country’s efforts to interfere in the 2020 election.

A statement on the foreign ministry’s website confirmed that Ambassador Anatoly Antonov had been summoned to Moscow and warned against an “irreversible deterioration in relations” between the U.S. and Russia, warning such a move would have consequences.

John Bowden, The Hill, March 17, 2021.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, “reiterated that Russia would face consequences over the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Russia continued its political interference efforts throughout 2020,” according to Bowden’s article. “‘Our administration is going to take a different approach in our relationship to Russia than the prior administration,’ Psaki said.”

OK, but note which relevant country is not mentioned in this article, or its follow-up, today, “Russia warns of response after Biden calls Putin a ‘killer.’”

Unmentioned, but looking like the grayest of éminences grise? China.

International power politics is a three-cornered affair, tensions rising and falling among the three most significant powers, Russia, China, and America. While the Russian state has the weakest position in terms of population demographics and military might, under Putin it possesses a clearer vision than America does. Putin struggles for relevance, and he is placing long-shot bets on elements of Russian culture that seem utterly alien to us Americans, including, not least by any means, the Russian Orthodox Church. Putin sees himself as Christianity’s last political defender.

Some of Putin’s stances, like his strengthening of Assad’s Alawite regime in Syria, must seem strange to Americans, who can only think in outward forms of government, like “democracy” versus “tyranny.” But Putin knows what the Alawites know: formal democracy in Syria would lead to the genocide of Alawites, Jews and Christians there by the Sunni majority. Americans, top to bottom, cannot understand these things because they do not understand cultural underpinnings of politics. And, of course, Americans are Catholic and Protestant, to the extent they are Christian at all, and know nothing of Syria’s status as the birthplace of Christianity, which was neither Catholic nor Protestant at the beginning or now, nearing the end. And the Nones in America remain, of course, by and large ignorant buffoons, their buffoonery shown by their support of a senescent corrupt old coot to replace the “dangerous” authoritarian, Trump.

China’s new mission of world dominance by means of state capitalism should be less of a puzzle to Americans, since is merely a more tyrannical version of post-war America, which was itself a reboot of the British Empire. That baton of imperial authority hands off from east to the west, like the Star Prophecy, and China wants it bad, the next power in the great relay of world powers. The Mandate of Heaven goes to China, the Chinese oligarchs are certain.

And China undoubtedly had a hand in the last American presidential election. That is what is missing in these articles from The Hill. The Democratic Party is the party of China. Democrats call for the end of liberal free speech and press, and they are all in for dirigisme and class tyranny by oligarchy, though Democrats sport their own special sauce, stirring up racism to effect their revolution.

Indeed, that is along the lines of what John Ratcliffe determined:

Ratcliffe, you will remember, concluded that the Russia Collusion story was bunk — the “former spy chief” said there was “no evidence” for it. But that does not mean that Russia did not have a hand in the 2016 election . . . or the 2020 election. America is a world power, and one way to influence that power is through elections. And elections can be rigged, jiggered and gamed. Especially in America, where electronic voting machines are notoriously insecure, and where one political party says it is “racist” to insist that voters show i.d.

Now, I think most of my friends interpret the Democratic “racist i.d.” opposition to ballot integrity as a mere ploy to get more brown people to vote. I have suspected for years it is a cover to allow manipulation of vote counts by elites, party apparatchiks, and . . . China.

The Democracy is nowadays thoroughly anti-democratic and pro-China. The Clintons were embroiled in a huge China influence and money scandal that somehow (somehow!) never hurt them. Biden has shilled for China for years, and he and his son made millions off the corrupt CCP establishment.

But most Americans are too ill-informed to even suspect something could be wrong.

Which is why America is so weak internationally. The people itself are stupid, ignorant dumb-asses who do not know enough to care or be scared.

And those that do harbor dark suspicions? Why, they are “terrorists”!

Say the Democrats.

I would like to break diplomatic relations with them, too.

But we are all in this together.

Our demise will at least be interesting. The American super power will fade, or somehow experience profound eclipse, unless some Hail Mary play upends the game.

Right now, it sure looks like Biden isn’t prepared to do anything but fumble.

That does not seem to be what we can say about Xi JinPing or Vladimir Putin (though Putin is certainly under stress, shall we say). They aren’t fumblers, are they? They may be dangerous, and malign, but a fumbler in charge of a super power could be more dangerous yet.

Then again, Biden’s not exactly in charge, is he?