As I understand it, if signed affidavits by election workers prove true in two states that are investigating voting irregularities in the November 2020 ballot counts, we can say that the last election was a fraud.

But because it is the Electoral College that matters, and it voted legally, there would still be no direct course to oust Biden-Harris from office.

However, a popular acknowledgment of the fraudulence of the last election could put Trump back in office before 2025, without the need to pull a Grover Cleveland and run in 2024.

These are the steps: Trump organizes and campaigns for a nationwide sweep with Republicans to gain a majority in the House and Senate, while himself running for the U.S. House of Representative from Palm Beach, from his home in Mar-a-lago. The cause would be Throw the Fraudsters Out. Trump wins; many Republicans gain office hanging onto his coattails.

As soon as the new Republicans hit Washington in 2023, the new House Majority selects Trump as Speaker. Then the House impeaches Biden, and the Senate removes him from office. Kamala Harris immediately becomes the 47th President. Next, the House impeaches Harris before approving her replacement, the Senate removes her, and by The Presidential Succession Act of 1947 they sens the Speaker of the House Donald John Trump back to the White House, to become the 48th President of the United States of America, the second person to serve non-consecutive terms and the first to have a two-president gap between terms.

Now, I suppose the House and Senate could try to impeach both Biden and Harris simultaneously, but I doubt that such an ungainly procedure would be manageable, and lawyers would probably cook up reasons not to even try. Which is why I suggest the scenario above.

Since I suspect the last election was fraudulent on several levels, Democrats could be getting nervous about now, for if Americans generally come to accept the shenanigans as actually having happened, then their gig is up. We should expect something like a civil war arising from this situation, and an attempt by Democrats to secure power extra-constitutionally. Be that as it may, they will likely aim to amend The Presidential Succession Act of 1947 soon.

All of this requires courage on the part of Republicans, and those poltroons almost certainly couldn’t muster that, even with a mandate. For you see, Republican politicians exist to lend credence to a lie, that we live in a republic. But what we live in is a military conservatorship, with the controllers of the military being Deep State cadres made up of NDA-signed Pentagon contractors and CIA/NSA spies and the like.

All else is veneer.

The American people do not know this. Insider Republicans do know this. Insider Democrats know this like a babe knows mother’s milk.

So, I do not expect this to happen. It could. It might save an element of the republic from the globalists’ grasp. But it would plunge the world into economic chaos and civil war.

The best thing to do would be to put the federation into receivership, but that takes something more than courage. That would take intelligence. Even wisdom.

Too bad.