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I’m one of those people who don’t much care for public fondling. Half the population seems really into hugging, for example. Me, not so much.

So, what do I think of Andrew Cuomo’s “That’s Italian!” defense of his behavior?

He pretty much convinced me. I am very skeptical about the worst of the accusations, and I doubt if the bulk of his gropings and fondlings were primarily of a sexual nature.

Were they “inappropriate”?

That depends upon culture. I don’t think men should be kissing each other in public — but he did kiss other men in public. Many people do. Many people in Europe today do. And in the Middle East. “Kiss each other with the brotherly kiss” is in the Bible. Human beings tend to be very hands-on/lips-on in their basic ceremonies, and pretending otherwise is I guess kind of stupid.

While I think Biden’s gropings and hair-sniffings of girls and women in public is ultra-creepy, he may be innocent — though his whoremonger son suggests that the Big Man’s lesson was not taken innocently. Which decreases my subjective probability of Joe’s innocence.

Perhaps we need an end to #metoo.

How about #dontgropemebro?

We who do not like to be groped by strangers, or kissed by acquaintances in public, and suchlike, need to come up with graceful ways of brushing off the over-huggers and kissy-kissy folks.

And when it gets to genital or other gropings, a good kick in the crotch always works.

Hey, I’ve been the subject of unwanted sexual gropings — in my younger days, I assure you — but I never squealed or even protested. I merely removed the offending hand, saying “no thanks.” This was not difficult. It wasn’t traumatic. But I’m a man, and I was at full 5’10” the first time it happened. Drunken sluts and horndog pederasts seemed easy to rebuff. And they are nothing like the public displays of over-touching that Cuomo engaged in.

Should he have resigned? He should have over his horrific COVID failures. But note the cultural difference here: he was widely praised for his COVID policies! Oh, how the cuomosexuals drooled over his dreamy “leadership”! Talk about offensive.

It is amusing that he was concerned with lockdowns when he couldn’t lock down his hands or his lips when greeting someone.

There’s a lot of humor in this situation. But it is not just that Cuomo is a perv. He probably is. I think old men with nipple rings are pervs. But whatever. Seeing him kiss Bill Clinton should put all this #metoo stuff in context.

I still think that he is bowing out because the investigation revealed actual criminal behavior. That Democrats prefer to sacrifice him on the grounds sexual harassment is a good example of their cowardice and lack of integrity.

But hey: hug the monster you want. Consensually.

Yet, in politics, consent is barely an issue. And the left may regret pushing it to the front. For the very nature of the state denies consent at a fundamental level. Individually we do not consent to the state. We accommodate power. And we call our accommodations “consent.” The average citizen behaves like those battered spouses who cling to their abusers. I have always thought that these sexual and ceremonial issues should be dealt separately from politics. As in the Cuomo kissery and banter and such, but maybe not.

Like at the end of the Planet of the Apes, a warning applies: if you push the consent issue to its logical conclusion, “you may not like what you find.” Your beloved cult of the omnipotent state falls apart. The State itself may crumble under the critique.