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Of the Pantheon & Pedantry

Note: the most memorable figures in history, according to, from Muhammad at #1 to Karl Marx at #37, are all of the male “gender” (read: sex), after which we get Mary, mother of Jesus (#38), Queen Elizabeth II (#40), and Joan of Arc (#49).

The order of famed composers descends from Beethoven (#5), to Mozart (#10), to Bach (#18). I would have thought that Bach was a bigger deal, even in the popular mind, than Mozart. But I guess I would have been wrong.

Of famed philosophers, Pantheon’s list runs as follows: Aristotle (#7), Plato (#11), Socrates (#16), Confucius (#28), Gautama (#32), Kant (#39), Descartes (#43), and — the only real surprise here — Avicenna (#48).

I repeat, for the inattentive — and apropos of my first paragraph — “male” and “female” pertain to sex, not “gender theory.” Which is a recent invention. This seemingly pedantic point is known and acknowledged by gender theorists, when they are being rational. That nearly everyone gets this wrong says something first about gender theory and quite a bit more about nearly everybody.