A news item of a few weeks ago (mentioned here and by me on Facebook — and I’ve encountered it elsewhere, but cannot find the links) has had hardly a ripple of an effect. The story: the self-spreading “vaccine.” It’s basically bioweaponry justified as medicine. There has been almost zero alarm, from what I can tell. Modern “democrats” don’t bat an eye when told that folks in laboratories are cooking up viruses for “our own good.”

Which means that we have sealed our stefnal fate. All those sf novels I read, decades ago, about escaped viruses transforming mankind? Not merely prophetic: they explored a likelihood that is becoming our reality, and our species will be radically altered by such experiments.

The question is: was Omicron the first such, or have many been implemented before?

Did it happen thousands of years ago, as hints in ancient myth suggest?

A people not even curious about this does not deserve to survive, so I won’t make much of this: no point in pushing on a wet noodle. We all have to die sometimes. Maybe most of us will die soon, and a few of us survive with new body parts, or strange new abilities, just like in those sf novels.

Let’s hope it doesn’t go like in Greg Bear’s imagination.