…and How It Got Back in Power….

While it is socially acceptable — indeed, required — for smart people to scorn the notion that the 2020 federal election was in some way rigged or gamed, a few things are certain:

1. By official tallies, more people voted in that election than had been registered in the previous election, and that was the first time this jump in ballots had occurred in American democratic history. This was allowed, in part, because

2. a number of swing states had taken the excuse of the pandemic to hastily establish mail-in voting over extended periods of time. Further,

3. Democrat congresspeople had pressured major social media companies (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) to suppress major news stories prior to the election, so that almost no one relying on major media knew the truth about a number of stories, most prominent among them the Hunter Biden corruption story.

4. Prior to the debacle of the pandemic, which Trump blew in several important ways, Trump was a known shoo-in for a second term: the economy was doing remarkably well and Americans overwhelmingly hated the Democrats’ frank support for riots around the nation. So the virus itself was the key factor that took down the Trump presidency. And, curiously enough,

5. it was only until after the election that it was socially acceptable to even mention what now appears to be true, and what Trump should have insisted upon, and recognized, from the get-go: that the U.S. Deep State and Wide State were heavily involved in the creation of the virus that allowed Democrats to win. It is entirely plausible that the release of the virus was done by Whoever (a rogue Chinese or American agent in Wuhan, or the Chinese Government itself) expressly to mess up the 2020 election. One is still not allowed to discuss this, from what I can tell. (Why? Because of the dreaded C Word: conspiracy … plus theory.)

This is not to say that I will support Trump in 2024. He really blew it. But it is to note that the reason Russia invaded Ukraine almost certainly has something to do with the Democrats’ long-term agenda of poking at Ursa Putin. Remember that the Biden Family has deep roots in Ukrainian corruption as well as Chinese corruption, and that Democrats impeached Trump over the idiotic issue of the Ukrainian Phone Call, in which Trump was accused of holding up an arms give-away to Ukraine. (He did not.)

I believe Democratic insiders have been pushing for a war against Russia for a long time. I don’t know why they want to, exactly, but have many suspicions. Ukraine was the flashpoint country for their insane brinksmanship.

If the war escalates in global danger, the country in need of a regime change would be the U.S. Actually, nix the “if.”