There have been four varieties of “vaccines” devised for dealing with the 2020-x pandemic. Curiously, on the Mayo Clinic “Different Types of” page, only three are mentioned.

The four:

1. the most famous and heavily pushed mRNA variety associated with Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna;

2. the adenovirus vector virus agents associated with Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Russia’s Sputnik V;

3. the subunit vaccine delivered by the Novavax COVID-19 used in Japan, Australia and Canada; and then there is

4. the most traditional of all, the whole inactivated vaccine as developed in two forms by China.

Though most of the world has come to its senses and put the insane lockdowns to a halt (at least for the time being), China has continued them, with totalitarian rigor and socialistic incompetence. Curiously, China has not imported any vaccines, sticking with its old-fashioned variety and forswearing the fixation on the spiked protein feature that American vaccine manufacturers are so enthusiastic about.

Do the makers of SARS-Cov-2 know something? Or is it another Han-handed flub?

I’ve no great reason to prefer one theory over the other. But, as always, the state of the debate in the West is absurdly stupid. Most people are unaware of the different types of concoctions called “vaccines.” To ask a normal person to explain the differences would be to like asking a neocon what the differences between Sunni and Shia Islam are.

But there are sources on pandemic policy with honest presentation and some degree of reliability. Dr. John Campbell’s video updates are worth regular consult, for example.

A study of actual infection/death rates prior to the introduction of any of the vaccines was synopsized by Dr. Campbell, recently:

The initial analyses of the epidemic were much more dire than these results: the Wuhan flu was not as deadly as feared, though it was indeed deadly. Dr. Campbell calls attention to three things not covered in the study:

  • the subsequent vaccine effects
  • results of prior infections (natural immunity)
  • evolution of variants

But I am very disappointed that the doctor does not mention a fourth factor: the suppression of normal emergency medical practice and the complementary reliance upon the vaccine rollout, and, more generally, doctors’ and politicians’ reliance upon centralized control of medical information.

I hazard that one reason for the devastation of COVID, especially in the U.S., was the government response regarding the use of vitamin and anti-bacterials and anti-fungals and anti-viral medicines. I go far on this: Fauci and the CDC are mass murderers. And they did what they did for money. Key to the successful implementation of this plot was the cowardice of our leaders, and our population.

But perhaps I overstate. Maybe it was all folly, no perfidy. Even so, the suppression of early treatments, and the active political-media suppression of alternative treatments, HCQ and Ivermectin most infamously, contributed to the deaths of millions.

It’s hard to forgive fools for this; impossible to forgive knaves.