From the first rumblings of a vaccine to combat “the virus” I was skeptical. It’s not merely that I am skeptical of Big Government/Big Business relations, and that Big Pharma companies have really bad track records, and that the whole of the medical establishment has been on the wrong road for a long time — witness the ill health of the majority of Americans. It was not just that. It was that early on we learned of the spiked proteins, and that they were themselves dangerous to our health, and that the Big Pharma companies were producing vaccines that instructed recipients’ bodies to produce spiked proteins to induce an immune response. But those spiked proteins were themselves harmful, so why focus on spiked proteins? It seemed nuts to me. Dangerous.

But then, the whole thing seemed nuts to me. I had thought that established medical opinion was against introducing vaccination into an epidemic. I also looked at the basic risk factors, which could be mapped on several vectors, and thought: getting the whole world to accept a new gene-therapeutic medicine without proper study was to risk Flipper Baby results. It risked mass extinction, even. Via adverse effects ranging from cardiovascular disease to sterility. It’s as if the whole argument for proper testing of drugs was thrown over by elites and the masses at the same time in their panic over a new disease which they themselves felt more comfortable panicking about than studying.

And my fellow libertarians were, in the main, worse than no help. Accepting their own ignorance of the specifics, they forgot to apply skepticism about the distribution of knowledge and all their learned theories about government’s pernicious influence and swallowed, instead, the typical progressive’s gullible trust in The Experts.

But now the evidence is becoming clear beyond the attention of us stock skeptics:

In the summer of 2020, I was at the local Dollar General and the county commissioner I had voted for was there, wearing a mask like I was. I complained about the stupidity of the masks. I mentioned that they did not work as touted. He immediately responded with the need to “hold the course” . . . until (get this) “a vaccine can be rolled out.”

I looked at him as if he were a crazy man. But he was not. Is not. He is just someone who believes what the experts tell him, and he lacked the courage to doubt and inquire and resist folly farded up like a lipsticked pig.

I did not vote for his re-election.

We got the vaccines, and the mask mandates eventually came down. And I blocked a few “friends” on Facebook who were praising lockdown measures. Now, how long will we endure deaths due to myocarditis and other heart-related and clot-related diseases, obviously induced by the mRNA treatments, and just as obviously ignored by the people who think they are smart. But who do not possess any horse sense whatsoever. The kind of people who will be easily led to their slaughter, or accept the slaughter of millions of others.