After the Freedom of Information Act was established, government officials were surprised by one of the most persistent sets of FOIA requests: UFO inquiries. Though not all requests have been met with release of information, an astounding amount of documentation has indeed been made public on UFOs.

From my reading, “UFO skeptics” ignore most of this.

Here’s the deal, though: FOIA’d documents include memos to and from top brass in the military for over seven decades: generals, admirals, etc. Also released have been many UFO reports from military bases, particularly nuclear missile installations. These make for astounding reading.

I’m more than willing to concede that these are all fakes, as apparently UFO “skeptics” must insist. But then I insist that we hold the military and bureaucracies into account for faking documentation of a UFO presence on the planet that is not there. 

It’s one way or the other: the Deep State has been mostly hiding and lying about UFOs for nearly a century, or, instead, it has been faking UFOs, “pretending” to hide them, and then “revealing” their fakeries in leaked and FOIA-released documentation which then never receives official discussion.

It’s a deep psy-op either way.

The FOIA-released information either shows a puzzling and perhaps alarming UFO presence on the planet, or the released documents are fakes and elements within the Deep State want SOME of us to believe in weird SOMETHINGS, leaving us to speculate wildly.

Either way: conspiracy.

This is indeed a conspiracy theory. But it is more than that. It is a logical puzzle, the evidence pointing to one kind of conspiracy or another. The evidence is such that no other conclusion is viable.

For UFO “skeptics” not to confront this strikes me as a shameful cowardice and dishonesty.

But one of the things that most interests me about the psy-op (whichever one it is) is how it divides society into in-groups and out-groups. It has been a point of cultic behavior in academic circles, for example, where inquiries are routinely ridiculed, and disbelief in UFOs has been used as a shibboleth.

This makes academics — and all who pass through the academy — morally compromised in interesting ways, and has contributed to the current ideological division in society.

But it has been part of the mechanism by which the Deep State has controlled the minds of intellectuals, and increased their allegiance levels.

The extent to which these effects were planned, or just “evolved,” would be worth careful study.

But of course we cannot trust academics with this, for they are still deeply, deeply compromised. Morally. Intellectually. And in the realm of manners. The military-academic-industrial complex, of course, is wholly unreliable in terms of truth. Secrecy and disinformation are integral to these enterprises.

I contend that UFOs are only the most intellectually puzzling element of this disinformation complex. I also believe that the medical-industrial complex is also now deeply into disinformation, even as its mavens complain about the dangers of “misinformation” by those outside its tight embrace.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the dribs and drabs of “UFO disclosure” now ongoing from the Pentagon have been released in such small bundles of information that it allows those intellectuals who have prided themselves on their intellectual purity by scoffing at UFO reports to continue their campaign of ridicule, if at muffled levels. Thus the disclosure remains a psy-op, stringing along of past useful idiots — the useful ones being those who call all who take UFO reports seriously “UFO nuts,” the inutile ones being those who believe every last allegation and report. But those useless idiots are also useful, in a way, for they allow the useful idiots to puff themselves up with pride, and thereby support the Deep State and its insidious presence in our pseudo-republic.

twv (2022-03-26)