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Found online, an artifact of woke gender activism.

One of the peculiarities of modish (pomo) “gender” activists is that they demand to be “addressed” by their “preferred pronouns,” but seem not to understand that the pronouns they offer as preferable are not useful in directly addressing anyone — they are pronouns only fit to be used in speaking of them “behind their back,” so to speak. They are all alternatives to the he/she “gendered” pronouns, which are not used in addressing, but merely referring, to other persons.

People this clueless deserve pronouns they would definitely not prefer!

So, to clarify:

As I say on Twitter, my preferred pronouns remain “I / me / mine / myself.”

But if we are going to tolerate the proliferation of made-up pronouns, you may use these behind my back: “vi / vir / virk / virkself.”

But considering how irksome these musings may be to some, perhaps I, Timothy Virkkala, should push a set reflecting that irksomeness: “I / ir / irk / irkself.”


Hint: when you tell someone to “lay low” you are using a past tense verb where the present tense should serve as the command. Yes, it is supposed to be “lie low.”

The fact that we heard it as “lay low” in the Br’er Rabbit tales shouldn’t confuse us. After all, most tales are narrated in the past tense.

Some day I hope to hear somebody say this right.

Maybe then I can die in peace. Upon which somebody will lay my body low. (Notice the transitive property. “Lie” is the intransitive verb with a past tense of “lay”; “lay” is the transitive verb with a past tense of “laid” — the many other meanings, of course, confuse us.)