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Scott Adams, in the first segment of his recent Coffee show (#2052), speculates that VP Kamala Harris comes off so badly because she has a fear of public speaking, and uses alcohol to get through it — which is why she often seems drunk. She is!

He confesses to having been initially impressed by her in the primaries because of her interrogation techniques. She was fine as a prosecutor, blaming people; she was fine in Senate hearings, blaming people. But it’s the only public speaking she can do well: blaming people.

She needs to drink to get through the rest.

Seems plausible.

But back in the primary days I was impressed with Kamala Harris too — but not for any of her putative excellences, but because she ticked off the boxes that DNC power players require: she was darker skinned but not African-American (big plus for several reasons); she was a woman, of course; she was a ruthless prosecutor with no sense of justice; she mouthed stupid enough shibboleths of a socialistic nature that could rally Democrats, who are almost invariably stupid about socialism. But mainly she was corruptible.

She seemed more Hillary than Hillary!

That, I figured, was why she would get ahead. I predicted that she would win the field.

But she didn’t. She, being unlovable, was unloved by Democratic partisans.

But she did get ahead, for Biden and his team saw her checked boxes, and bit, placing her on the ticket.

And the rest is history.

Glug glug.


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…and How It Got Back in Power….

While it is socially acceptable — indeed, required — for smart people to scorn the notion that the 2020 federal election was in some way rigged or gamed, a few things are certain:

1. By official tallies, more people voted in that election than had been registered in the previous election, and that was the first time this jump in ballots had occurred in American democratic history. This was allowed, in part, because

2. a number of swing states had taken the excuse of the pandemic to hastily establish mail-in voting over extended periods of time. Further,

3. Democrat congresspeople had pressured major social media companies (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) to suppress major news stories prior to the election, so that almost no one relying on major media knew the truth about a number of stories, most prominent among them the Hunter Biden corruption story.

4. Prior to the debacle of the pandemic, which Trump blew in several important ways, Trump was a known shoo-in for a second term: the economy was doing remarkably well and Americans overwhelmingly hated the Democrats’ frank support for riots around the nation. So the virus itself was the key factor that took down the Trump presidency. And, curiously enough,

5. it was only until after the election that it was socially acceptable to even mention what now appears to be true, and what Trump should have insisted upon, and recognized, from the get-go: that the U.S. Deep State and Wide State were heavily involved in the creation of the virus that allowed Democrats to win. It is entirely plausible that the release of the virus was done by Whoever (a rogue Chinese or American agent in Wuhan, or the Chinese Government itself) expressly to mess up the 2020 election. One is still not allowed to discuss this, from what I can tell. (Why? Because of the dreaded C Word: conspiracy … plus theory.)

This is not to say that I will support Trump in 2024. He really blew it. But it is to note that the reason Russia invaded Ukraine almost certainly has something to do with the Democrats’ long-term agenda of poking at Ursa Putin. Remember that the Biden Family has deep roots in Ukrainian corruption as well as Chinese corruption, and that Democrats impeached Trump over the idiotic issue of the Ukrainian Phone Call, in which Trump was accused of holding up an arms give-away to Ukraine. (He did not.)

I believe Democratic insiders have been pushing for a war against Russia for a long time. I don’t know why they want to, exactly, but have many suspicions. Ukraine was the flashpoint country for their insane brinksmanship.

If the war escalates in global danger, the country in need of a regime change would be the U.S. Actually, nix the “if.”


What wars can America’s real, permanent government win?

Political ones.

It’s been a year since the Capitol Hill brouhaha on January 6, 2021, became a super-brouhaha for the Democrats, who immediately claimed that the “storming of the Capitol” part of the event constituted an “insurrection.”

That was always a stretch. No attempt was made to overthrow the government, but the “peaceful transfer of power” from Donald Trump to Joe Biden was . . . almost . . . kinda . . . compromised.

The rioters, for their part, thought that the Democrats had stolen the election and, having been urged by Trump to pressure the Senate to not certify all the Electoral College slates — with the aim of getting accurate, non-fraudulent votes from a few key states — they thought theirs was a righteous protest. The Democrats, on the other hand, demanded that everyone pretend that everything about Death Race 2020 was on the up-and-up and that Biden be placed into office without a whiff of scandal.

The charge of vote fraud and election tampering made by the Trump forces had always been a difficult one to push, since our system doesn’t really offer a coherent way to handle such charges. Legal maneuvers made by Donald Trump’s team had failed, over and over, from Election Day to the Sixth. Though fraud charges lingered, the biggest problems with the election — the unconstitutional changes in voting in several states — never really got addressed. Trump’s January Sixth speech instigating a march on Capitol Hill to protest the “stolen election” and get the Senate to throw a monkey wrench into Biden’s accession to power was not even over when the “insurrection” began.

Then things got weird.

The behavior of the police was strange. The trespassers — not all of whom knew they were trespassing, apparently (though those who broke windows and doors surely knew) — were indeed “mostly peaceful.” No fires. No murders. Only one death, and that was by the police not of the police. After the event, Democrats made much of the “five” or more “deaths caused by Trump,” but that all turned out to be propagandistic prevarication.

Donald Trump went down in history because of this, the Democratic House impeaching him a record second time. That seemed ultra-odd — Trump was out of office before the Senate voted — not to mention petty and vindictive and . . . what was really going on here?

Glenn Greenwald gave us a clue, yesterday, on Rumble. Trump had been seriously considering pardoning Edward Snowden, maybe even Julian Assange. The Deep State’s dearest senators, like Lindsay Graham, threatened Trump with voting against him in the post-Biden accession Senate trial if he did so.

The upshot? Trump was completely outplayed by the Deep State. To avoid the sting of the Democrats’ impeachment ploy, he caved to the military industrial complex and the Wars Forever faction, leaving both Assange and Snowden in jeopardy, enemies of the Deep State.

Meanwhile, the Democrats still sling loose talk of “insurrection.” Funny, though, that in their prosecutions against the “insurrectionists” (whom they treated very badly in prison) that they haven’t lifted a finger against the one January Sixth conspirator caught with video actually promoting the capitol incursion. Democrats won’t even whisper his name: Ray Epps.

The Deep State may have won this battle, but when all the truth comes out, my guess is that it will become quite clear that the “insurrection” element of the January Sixth events was a Deep State false flag app. Not unlike the FBI’s botched Whitmer kidnapping plot.

As always, Americans let partisan allegiances prevent them from identifying their true enemy: their own government.


As I understand it, if signed affidavits by election workers prove true in two states that are investigating voting irregularities in the November 2020 ballot counts, we can say that the last election was a fraud.

But because it is the Electoral College that matters, and it voted legally, there would still be no direct course to oust Biden-Harris from office.

However, a popular acknowledgment of the fraudulence of the last election could put Trump back in office before 2025, without the need to pull a Grover Cleveland and run in 2024.

These are the steps: Trump organizes and campaigns for a nationwide sweep with Republicans to gain a majority in the House and Senate, while himself running for the U.S. House of Representative from Palm Beach, from his home in Mar-a-lago. The cause would be Throw the Fraudsters Out. Trump wins; many Republicans gain office hanging onto his coattails.

As soon as the new Republicans hit Washington in 2023, the new House Majority selects Trump as Speaker. Then the House impeaches Biden, and the Senate removes him from office. Kamala Harris immediately becomes the 47th President. Next, the House impeaches Harris before approving her replacement, the Senate removes her, and by The Presidential Succession Act of 1947 they sens the Speaker of the House Donald John Trump back to the White House, to become the 48th President of the United States of America, the second person to serve non-consecutive terms and the first to have a two-president gap between terms.

Now, I suppose the House and Senate could try to impeach both Biden and Harris simultaneously, but I doubt that such an ungainly procedure would be manageable, and lawyers would probably cook up reasons not to even try. Which is why I suggest the scenario above.

Since I suspect the last election was fraudulent on several levels, Democrats could be getting nervous about now, for if Americans generally come to accept the shenanigans as actually having happened, then their gig is up. We should expect something like a civil war arising from this situation, and an attempt by Democrats to secure power extra-constitutionally. Be that as it may, they will likely aim to amend The Presidential Succession Act of 1947 soon.

All of this requires courage on the part of Republicans, and those poltroons almost certainly couldn’t muster that, even with a mandate. For you see, Republican politicians exist to lend credence to a lie, that we live in a republic. But what we live in is a military conservatorship, with the controllers of the military being Deep State cadres made up of NDA-signed Pentagon contractors and CIA/NSA spies and the like.

All else is veneer.

The American people do not know this. Insider Republicans do know this. Insider Democrats know this like a babe knows mother’s milk.

So, I do not expect this to happen. It could. It might save an element of the republic from the globalists’ grasp. But it would plunge the world into economic chaos and civil war.

The best thing to do would be to put the federation into receivership, but that takes something more than courage. That would take intelligence. Even wisdom.

Too bad.


President Joe Biden fell up the stairs, as if a metaphor for his career.

Last year, when President Donald Trump ultra-carefully walked down a ramp, corporate media “journalists” regaled us with much rumination on how old he looked. But last week, legacy media made little of Biden’s stumbling up the red carpet to Airforce One. It was opposition media that went all abuzz. The corporate halls of propaganda merely mouthed the White House’s official spin: Biden’s doing fine; he exited the plane with aplomb.

But at some point, Biden will fall down, not up.

Remember when members of the administrative state were outed as conspiring to marshal the 25th Amendment against Trump? Well, at some point that will likely happen to Biden. Is he not too old for a full term, much less two? His usefulness as a marionette will at some point cease, and the strings will be cut.

Or, as he himself suggested, he would merely resign.

But Amendment XXV may prove less important than Amendment XXII: “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.”

If Vice President Kamala Harris is being groomed to replace Biden, the plan may be to string out Biden’s term of incompetency to two years and a day — to allow nearly a decade in office.

But whether Joe can manage to soldier on for that long, or we will witness a Weekend At Bernie’s III, is anybody’s guess.


There is now talk of Russia breaking ties with the United States. Think of that.

Russia’s foreign ministry withdrew its ambassador to the U.S. on Wednesday after President Biden vowed that Russian leader Vladimir Putin would “pay a price” for his country’s efforts to interfere in the 2020 election.

A statement on the foreign ministry’s website confirmed that Ambassador Anatoly Antonov had been summoned to Moscow and warned against an “irreversible deterioration in relations” between the U.S. and Russia, warning such a move would have consequences.

John Bowden, The Hill, March 17, 2021.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, “reiterated that Russia would face consequences over the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Russia continued its political interference efforts throughout 2020,” according to Bowden’s article. “‘Our administration is going to take a different approach in our relationship to Russia than the prior administration,’ Psaki said.”

OK, but note which relevant country is not mentioned in this article, or its follow-up, today, “Russia warns of response after Biden calls Putin a ‘killer.’”

Unmentioned, but looking like the grayest of éminences grise? China.

International power politics is a three-cornered affair, tensions rising and falling among the three most significant powers, Russia, China, and America. While the Russian state has the weakest position in terms of population demographics and military might, under Putin it possesses a clearer vision than America does. Putin struggles for relevance, and he is placing long-shot bets on elements of Russian culture that seem utterly alien to us Americans, including, not least by any means, the Russian Orthodox Church. Putin sees himself as Christianity’s last political defender.

Some of Putin’s stances, like his strengthening of Assad’s Alawite regime in Syria, must seem strange to Americans, who can only think in outward forms of government, like “democracy” versus “tyranny.” But Putin knows what the Alawites know: formal democracy in Syria would lead to the genocide of Alawites, Jews and Christians there by the Sunni majority. Americans, top to bottom, cannot understand these things because they do not understand cultural underpinnings of politics. And, of course, Americans are Catholic and Protestant, to the extent they are Christian at all, and know nothing of Syria’s status as the birthplace of Christianity, which was neither Catholic nor Protestant at the beginning or now, nearing the end. And the Nones in America remain, of course, by and large ignorant buffoons, their buffoonery shown by their support of a senescent corrupt old coot to replace the “dangerous” authoritarian, Trump.

China’s new mission of world dominance by means of state capitalism should be less of a puzzle to Americans, since is merely a more tyrannical version of post-war America, which was itself a reboot of the British Empire. That baton of imperial authority hands off from east to the west, like the Star Prophecy, and China wants it bad, the next power in the great relay of world powers. The Mandate of Heaven goes to China, the Chinese oligarchs are certain.

And China undoubtedly had a hand in the last American presidential election. That is what is missing in these articles from The Hill. The Democratic Party is the party of China. Democrats call for the end of liberal free speech and press, and they are all in for dirigisme and class tyranny by oligarchy, though Democrats sport their own special sauce, stirring up racism to effect their revolution.

Indeed, that is along the lines of what John Ratcliffe determined:

Ratcliffe, you will remember, concluded that the Russia Collusion story was bunk — the “former spy chief” said there was “no evidence” for it. But that does not mean that Russia did not have a hand in the 2016 election . . . or the 2020 election. America is a world power, and one way to influence that power is through elections. And elections can be rigged, jiggered and gamed. Especially in America, where electronic voting machines are notoriously insecure, and where one political party says it is “racist” to insist that voters show i.d.

Now, I think most of my friends interpret the Democratic “racist i.d.” opposition to ballot integrity as a mere ploy to get more brown people to vote. I have suspected for years it is a cover to allow manipulation of vote counts by elites, party apparatchiks, and . . . China.

The Democracy is nowadays thoroughly anti-democratic and pro-China. The Clintons were embroiled in a huge China influence and money scandal that somehow (somehow!) never hurt them. Biden has shilled for China for years, and he and his son made millions off the corrupt CCP establishment.

But most Americans are too ill-informed to even suspect something could be wrong.

Which is why America is so weak internationally. The people itself are stupid, ignorant dumb-asses who do not know enough to care or be scared.

And those that do harbor dark suspicions? Why, they are “terrorists”!

Say the Democrats.

I would like to break diplomatic relations with them, too.

But we are all in this together.

Our demise will at least be interesting. The American super power will fade, or somehow experience profound eclipse, unless some Hail Mary play upends the game.

Right now, it sure looks like Biden isn’t prepared to do anything but fumble.

That does not seem to be what we can say about Xi JinPing or Vladimir Putin (though Putin is certainly under stress, shall we say). They aren’t fumblers, are they? They may be dangerous, and malign, but a fumbler in charge of a super power could be more dangerous yet.

Then again, Biden’s not exactly in charge, is he?


Why do so many libertarians support Trump (no true Scotsman arguments)?*

…as answered  on Quora….

Because of his enemies.

Trump was opposed not only by the easily offended Democrats, but also by the Republican establishment that had betrayed its supporters for years. More importantly, Swamp creatures from the shallow end of the Deep State came out of hiding to take Trump down in the insane Russia collusion and Ukraine Phone Call scandals. So some politically savvy libertarians took note of this.

They know that were an actual libertarian to attain high office, the assassination bureau would kick in. Trump’s term was instructive. So many libertarians warmed to him, for they saw the lies and hysteria directed against him for what it was, and also for the warning it serves for libertarians — who seek a much larger change in government than the under-educated Trump ever contemplated.

Trump was not of course a libertarian. But he is an anti-socialist at a time when the Democratic Party has become increasingly socialistic. He was also skeptical of America’s insane foreign policy, which is what really pissed off the establishment, and caused some libertarians to prefer him over warmonger Hillary Clinton and over the insiders of the DNC who pushed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

It should be noted that there are several distinct tribes of libertarians. The beltway types live amongst progressives in the major cities, near the corridors of power, in orbit of the academic and media cultural centers, and seek the approval of these progressives. They tend to do his by virtue signaling anti-racism and anti-sexism and other social justice obsessions. These libertarians of course hate Trump, because to even defend Trump a bit would be icky.

Those of us who understand that social justice is a mirage and that liberty is a competing paradigm of justice, well, we find the Ms Grundies of the beltway libertarians decreasingly impressive. They often buy into politically correct psy-ops, and toe the line as drawn by disinformation artists behind the scenes at the CIA and even shadier outfits. So their opposition to Trump often seems, to us, as witless as progressives’.

For my part, I have never looked upon Trump as a savior, never picturing him as a valiant champion of liberty. That is preposterous. But Trump was not the devil, either, so I could see why a number of libertarians I knew voted for him. I mean, contra Bill Weld’s statement in defense of Hillary Clinton, and Gary Johnson’s, too, I think Trump was a far better option for the country than Hillary. Still, in 2016, I voted the Johnson-Weld ticket despite the bone-headedness of the Johnson-Weld team. That fewer Americans (and, presumably, libertarians) voted for Jorgensen-Cohen in 2020, while Trump received an extra eleven million popular votes, suggests to me that anti-Democratic Party sentiment had increased over Trump’s term.

It is all about voting against these days. Not voting for.

This of course also explains (to some extent) the whopping increase in votes for the Democratic candidates in 2020 over the previous outing.

At what point do Americans realize they are being played — by the system, by the major parties, by the people behind the scenes?


* The question was worded oddly on Quora. The parenthetical remark was a warning that the questioner was utterly uninterested in arguments like “no true libertarian could vote for Trump!” And I sympathized. That is a stupid person’s response.

Factitious disorder imposed on another (FDIA), also known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP), is a condition in which a caregiver creates the appearance of health problems in another person, typically their child, sometimes going so far as to wound, poison, or kill the victim/patient.

Why would anyone behave like this? Hard to figure. 

But maybe it is easier to understand now that politicians & bureaucrats lie to us about a contagion, abuse the legal powers of the quarantine, & insist that we all take experimental genetic therapy and call it what it isn’t: a “vaccine.”

Now, I have been using terms like “psy-op” to define the mass manipulation of the population in regards to the pandemic, but perhaps “Mass MSbP” brings the idea home better:

Munchausen by Proxy is an official mental health diagnosis given to someone who, as a caregiver, convinces the person in his care that he is ill when he really isn’t. The net result is the caregiver has total control over his charge and can even go so far as to cause his charge to be ill to fit the narrative. 

We who live in blue and, to some extent, purple states are victims of this syndrome, with state governments acting as the (mentally disturbed) caregivers, and the citizens, collectively, as patients. Many of the patients have been convinced that they are, in fact, being protected by their persecutors.

Liberal media (and, at this point, that means virtually all uncensored media) shuts down any factual discussion of what works and what doesn’t to stem the Wu Flu. If you examine the actual statistics, lockdowns a la California and New York have yielded no better results and it could be argued, much worse in terms of cases and hospitalizations, than more open states such as Florida and Texas.

Where schools are allowed to function normally, there have been no more reported cases than in those where children languish at home, preventing parents from earning a living and learning their lessons haphazardly by remote Zoom “class”. What is most striking about the difference between these states, is that the closed ones have a far higher incidence of drug abuse and overdoses, child abuse, poverty, and suicide from despair.

Many of us know someone who died from (or with) COVID, or has had severe COVID and recovered, or has lingering problems from long term COVID. We’ve been fed this as an excuse, along with claims about ICU bed shortages. It’s fear, fear, and more fear!

Personally, I don’t know a soul who’s died from COVID, although I hear about friends of friends who have. But if you think about it, you also know someone, or many someones, who have died from other things. Take cancer, for instance. I know many people who have died of cancer. My mother, my grandmother, my friends Marion and Jeff, my old dental hygienist, my mother-in-law, my childhood best friend, the guy two houses from me, the guy two houses in the other direction, a friend’s husband, and the list goes on.

People get sick, people die. It happens. People get in accidents and die too. Have we stopped living our lives to keep from having that happen? Have we ever even considered doing so? Never!

Only for COVID. So, think about it. Ask yourself, why is there so little real information to make one’s own decision, and why are we denied opportunities to make our own decisions? Why have we gone from 14 days to “flatten the curve” so we can ramp up hospital capacity to cope with the expected influx, to a year of living by not living at all, with no end in sight?

Even before having a vaccine we’ve known that those who are going to get this thing are, yes, going to get it sooner or later. The vaccine may change the equation, but only for the better. That’s the way pandemics work. Either you get it over with, and reach herd immunity, or you live your life scared to allow anyone to look at your face, get within breathing distance, or educate your children in person.

Early treatment would make the effects of the virus much less, but as discussed here, that is not the model our health bureaucracy espouses. An elegant and sensible solution would be to allowing those who have serious co-morbidities to get vaccinated or stay cloistered from society and supported financially as needed, while the rest of us get on with life. But that’s not what’s happening in the Munchausen by Proxy states.

There is, quite simply, a vested interest in keeping us afraid and at home, masked and silenced. This must be ended, and those of us who disagree with the locked-down version of half-life in these United States must speak our minds while we still have the freedom to do so. The more people do, the better.

Terry Paulding, “Munchausen by (government) Proxy,” January 10, 2021.

In a later piece, the same author argues that the “vaccine is experimental, and we, the people, are being herded into a mass drug trial such as the FDA has never before attempted.” Now, I do not see how we gain anything by referring to the American treatments as “vaccines.” They seem something much newer and far more “experimental” than taking broken viruses and using them to cue our immune systems. The Pfizer drug is much more radical and cutting edge. I have not yet found any response to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s charge that the “COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines.” But the experimental nature of the shots is more than acknowledged by official sources. Indeed, President Trump was a key player to push them around regulatory hurdles.

That is the unembellished truth. Nobody in authority wants to mention this truth. Instead, there’s a long trail of rah-rah news propaganda, about fabulous new stadium-parking-lot vaccine sites (because, what else would a parking lot at a stadium be used for these days?), numbers of doses available, and reports about the elderly in nursing homes doing a dance of joy at getting their jabs and maybe being let out of jail to see family and people other than one another. These generally come with an interview of somebody in a nursing facility who calls the rest of us, those who don’t want to be guinea pigs, “fools” and tells us to just “get on with it” so we can finally hug mom.

I want to reïterate: Trump was necessary in unleashing this drug onto the market.

But note: “market” itself is something of a misnomer. We are being coerced to take this drug. Our governments withhold the freedom to move about, peaceably assemble, contract, and be a part of normal society from millions of Americans until they are “vaccinated.” That is, infected with an under-studied, poorly-described soup of nanotech agents.

And Americans sure seem awfully bamboozled. Compliant. Servile. They yammer on, dutifully, as if their “caregivers” would never lie to them!

But they are lying, and we are being tricked and corralled into some new order:

If the vaccine is an experiment, if the cases are plummeting, and if the state is still stepping on our necks both to keep us from noticing the devastation and to make us desire the vaccine, then what is the logical conclusion? My guess is it’s all about making some people some money and, in the process, changing the country for the worse. That’s a harsh conclusion and, perhaps, another explanation is that we have a case of Munchausen by (government) proxy, whereby the State wants us ill so it can be seen as our savior. But that only takes us so far.

The further reach? As Terry Paulding, the above-quoted author, puts it, the much-worked-for next step is . . . well, I prefer Michael Rectenwald’s favored term: corporate socialism. Not the old-fashioned money-less/market-suppressed, centrally-planned fiasco, no, but a system “to limit the possibilities for individual activity — by dint of squeezing out industries and producers within industries from the economy.”

Call it totalitarian oligopoly. Like China pushes.

As has been quite successful with the lockdowns.

While timorous Americans quivered in fear of COVID, their leaders prepared the next step of totalitarian control with the help of their Orange Man Evil, Donald Trump.


Trump Remains a Former President!

The ‘most bipartisan impeachment verdict in American history’ serves as an important marker for how bipartisan would be the opposition to any fundamental change away from the main drift of American politics. While it was a technical win for the president — in that Trump was ‘acquitted’ — as well as for common sense, the strength of the opposition to him serves as a warning to all who seek to oppose the technocratic/plutocratic advance of the Democratic Party and of a large segment of the Republican political elite.

A majority of senators voted to remove a former president from office. The absurdity of that marks the real significance of the event.

Our political class is ruling scared. They are deathly afraid of opposition. In their panic they have driven themselves crazy.

And so lightly provoked! Were I to get my way, they wouldn’t be ruling scared, they would be running.


Addendum: The inane defiance, during the Trump years, of those American Democrats — the kind of people who would shout “not my president!’ — went witless in this second impeachment. I am reminded of Chevy Chase’s oft-repeated quip, ‘Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.’ Had the House Democrats succeeded in the Senate, Donald John Trump would have remained a former president. Their former president, presumably, so insanely attached to the presidency are these flaccid noodle-brains.

No president is my president. For the United States President is not the People’s — what is presided over is the union of states, not us, the citizenry. If you think of a president as “yours,” I sadly shake my head at your inverted values and political mindset.

When Trump said something ungainly, blunt, or outrageous, it should not have been news. We expected it. Reasonable people had already discounted it. Republicans pick inarticulate Moseses (at best, and so to speak), not suave Aarons.

But when the news media praises a terrible speech, badly delivered by the new president — indeed, fawns all over it — should that be news? We expect Democrats to pick silver-tongues like Clinton and Obama, not numb-lipped buffoons like Biden.

So the news media fawning over dross as if it were finery is news, at least in that context.

But then, we all, deep down, know that the corporate news media plays Mockingbird to the Deep State’s Cuckoo, and is obviously partisan and unhinged. So, in that sense, we are witnessing the desperation of Democrats, pushing a lackluster pol to the top because the movement is intellectually brain dead but murderously power-hungry. In that jaded sense, Biden’s bumbling and the press’s puffery is hardly news at all. We are already discounting it as history.

What’s next?

What new effrontery shall become rule?

…to re-state…

To think that a mumbling corrupt insider is to be fawned over and a blustery demagogue is to be excoriated is itself unhinged. This is partisanship.

Now, the Democrats constitute the party of the ever-growing centralized unitary state, and that is itself an enormity, but I can see how one might ideologically align oneself with all that. I couldn’t since I despise concentrated power, but others lust for power and the salvific grace of such power.

What I cannot see is how anyone with a hint of integrity could pass over seven months of defense of street violence and insurrection, complete with arson and murder and actual territorial claims, defending such action and egging the acts on, and then flip out over that idiotic Capitol incursion. Just so, freaking out over Trump for five years and then praising someone who is arguably far more corrupt — and yes, we have actual data and plausible cases against him. This is unhinged.

But it gets worse. Major media, social media, and major Democratic politicians openly talk about suppressing the speech of their opponents. It’s right out there in the open. In an American context, that is unhinged. But usually I just call it evil.

Behind all this is, I think, the Deep State, specifically the CIA. It may be that we should have sympathy for this devil, just as one has for the mad computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The inhabitants of the Deep State have been given contradictory messages and missions. Nevertheless, the Deep State supports mass slaughter overseas, keeps secrets from Americans apparently of astounding nature, and engages in psy-ops in a grand manner. To top it all off, the Pentagon and alphabet soup intel agencies cannot and will not account for trillions of dollars in income and expenditures.

They are the real rulers.

Autocrats, oligarchs, and the like might be given some leeway if they ran the non-secret governments well. But they have encouraged the growth of deficit spending, debt financing all along. So, for this reason they must be condemned, as must both major parties. And, the heads and former heads of the CIA and FBI et al., they spent years plying an absurd case against Trump. The Russian dossier was an obvious forgery, and we know a lot about it now. One of the only good things Trump did towards the end was self-serving on this manner, but it helped us: he de-classified the Russian dossier material. We know where all that came from: a British agent who plied a lie about Trump to aid Hillary Clinton.

But, the good news is that most of this secret governance is stupid. I had thought that most of the blackmailing that the Deep State sets against the presidents (Obama being an obvious “victim”) was sophisticated. But Comey’s attempt was a botch, and the unraveling of the case managed by the administrative state was before our eyes (a few of its genius leaders were conveniently hired as on-air consultants of the cable news “networks”): the insiders are not that smart.

They only succeed because Americans of both parties are extremely dumb.

…a grand effrontery…

Biden calls for unity and says his inauguration is a win for democracy. That is not how democracy works. It is not a loss for democracy if your side loses, or a win when your side wins. The biggest source of disunity right now is the widespread belief that the election was rigged. And a rigged election is a huge sign of a pseudo-democracy — and fighting the impression of electoral corruption cannot just be a matter of assertion and dismissal of evidence.

There is a lot of talk of hallowed ground and sacred this and that in the speech. Ugh. Abraham Lincoln got away with that kind of thing because he was talking at a gravesite of fallen warriors, not where politicians routinely lie, cheat and steal.