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An online example of a woke non-engagement with an argument, just hatred and exclusion.

There is a natural end & there is a chosen end

When I was young, the doom that sealed cultural conservatives’ fate was their tendency to not engage in actual argument, but, instead, separate themselves from their opponents, call them names, write them out of humanity.

That ad hominem/marginalization technique meant that conservatives would always lose all the major “culture wars” with the progressives. The “right” could not live down its association with authoritarian techniques of censorship, censure, marginalization, and invective.

And, when I was young, I thought that apt. I hated conservatives’ easy resort to social control rather than rational debate.

Now, the group that plies such authoritarian methods with the greatest fervor is the progressive left, and these leftists have infected their Wokianity cult rightward, into the center-left, and even further, into corporate culture, normal commerce, to half of the libertarian movement and to no small amount of ostensibly Christian culture.

I suspect that the natural end of this technique in an open society is the undermining of whatever position (political, “cultural,” religious, “scientific”) that relies upon the technique.

The only wrinkle in this process is that the people the woke put in charge, politically, are engaging in an anti-democratic wreck-the-economy strategy . . . for success. Destroy to . . . “build back better.” Will they succeed in taking down civilization with their mad dash of Cloward-Piven and anarcho-tyranny?

That’s an open question.

But one thing: if you want to succeed, forswear reliance upon social control in debate, and act like a rational individual when rationality is required. While in a closed society — like under Islam, the Nazis or Communism — social controls can work for a long generation, and do damage for many, many generations, in a free society the cycle runs much differently. It destroys the people who engage the technique.

So, you can now see why Democrats so strongly oppose free speech and so enthusiastically practice social controls and marginalization and shunning: they are trying to establish a closed society based on their mores . . . of the moment. It is the only way they can maintain cultural dominance. In the normal course of democratic culture and politics, they are on their way out, their end is nigh. But if they succeed in closing society up, who knows how long they can rule, and rule maliciously?


If it is a fact that a majority of Canadians support Trudeau’s tyrannical measures, from this it does not follow that those measures are justified.

The fact that self-styled “Liberal” MPs support those measures does not make those measures “liberal” rather than “totalitarian.”

Trudeau has repeatedly characterized his opponents as “racist” (though many of his opponents are non-white) and “sexist” (though his opponents are made up of both sexes) and “anti-science” (though they can and have cited scientists and used plausible “scientific” arguments to oppose vaccine mandates and lockdowns). What we should take from this is that Trudeau is a typical tyrant who lies about his opposition and uses propagandistic assertions to trigger his followers into blind, reflexive tribal loyalty.

Sic semper tyrannis.


Over a year ago I began talking up the idea that lockdowns would yield shortages and poverty. The government cannot just “write checks” and expect “the economy” to hum along nicely. Wealth depends on goods and services, not money. Force people not to work, and less will get done.

When I wrote and spoke these thoughts — before Elon Musk encapsulated the idea more pithily — a few people mocked me and I am sure many rolled their eyes. They had the illusion of free fall: everything seems fine until you hit the pavement.

Now that supply chains are coming up short in sector after sector and misery and conflict come out in the open, Democrats are doubling down and firing people en masse for not accepting the mandated leaky vaccines that cannot induce herd immunity: herd vaccination will not produce the effects promised, but progressives have the faith of true believers in their failed god.

Things will only get worse until folks like Inslee, Whitmer and Biden are removed from office. Their unconstitutional affronts can only be met with mass resistance and outright pressure, or everything goes to tyranny — and at some point there will be probably be fighting in the streets.

As I expected in 2015 when Democrats backed Antifa and BAMN in open violence.

Once a political movement embraces open initiatory street violence, there is no easy way to prevent the slide to tyrannical barbarism. Democrats gave up reason long ago, and are now openly pushing anti-democratic totalitarian measures such as concentration camps.

They must repent, but seem unlikely to do so. Proud fools, convinced of their moral purity, they have embraced evil. Every Democratic voter who does not loudly oppose current insanity is no better (and perhaps worse) than the worst they have accused others.

They are the fascists they warned us about.