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What does it mean to go “full QAnon”?

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I am not going to pretend to offer the correct explanation. I am going to try to offer the most logical one, based on the lore I’ve encountered so far.

The “Q” lore has many elements. Going “full QAnon,” to my way of thinking, would be to believe and spread the core ideas and then go on further, to embrace some of the whackier and most extreme notions.

  1. Donald Trump is (a) a super-competent outsider who nevertheless (b) knows what is really going on in the Deep State, who (c) has the skills and (d) knowledge of fighting the malign, devilish forces therein.
  2. He is allied with godly/angelic beings in the fight against the wayward principalities and powers.
  3. He is a traditionalist who was selected by God to save America.
  4. The Deep State and the Democratic Party are filled with child-raping Magick addicts who are bent on turning America into an anti-Christian totalitarian socialist technocracy with no freedoms except for the elite.
  5. These enemies have made deals with the ancient and mysterious Rulers of the Earth — the Satanic aliens — and they must be arrested and brought to justice, and their strongholds deep in the Earth’s crust must be bombed out of existence.


Now, I didn’t have facts to disprove most of these outlandish theories, going into the last election. But with the failures of Trump to retain office, despite over a ten million vote-count increase over 2016 (a truly amazing thing, by the way), it is obvious that the most basic Q beliefs have been disproved, that is, falsified:

Donald John Trump is

  1. not super-competent,
  2. knew little going in about the nature of the American State,
  3. lacked the skills necessary to destroy the enemies within the government who immediately began plotting his destruction, and
  4. was not even much of a traditionalist, though when the Democrats hunkered down for his immediate ouster, he tried hard to do a few very conservative things, particularly about regulation and Supreme Court Justices.

It has been fun watching some Q sources scramble to retain the old-time prophecies. A relevant book to read for this re-grouping period is When Prophecy Fails, by Festinger et al.


I chatted with Matt Asher a week or so ago. The podcast is up:

And as a video, too:

Matt has figured out the knowledge/trust issues of our time, and explores the problems in an interesting way. I think you may enjoy this one. You may find it even helpful.

And the UFO talk is not off-topic.

Matt Asher’s podcast is The Filter, and his most recent episode, referenced in our chat, is well worth looking up.


What we aren’t talking about:

A month ago, the New York Times published a major UFO story, doubling down on its previous recent efforts, with research journalist Leslie Kean serving as the driving force. The article relates that not only does the UFO/UAP constitute a real, non-natural/extra-civilizational phenomenon, and that the U.S. military admits this, but it indicates that there seems to be some reality to the ufology lore that there have been crashed UFO retrievals. And that the Deep State is studying them.

Yet almost no one talks about this.

What must we make of this? The ‘newspaper of record’ unleashes onto the world what could be the biggest story in human history, yet smart people either snicker or avert their eyes, back on to (1) the ‘pandemic’ and (2) the riots and (3) the upcoming election.

Honest inquirers should consider the possibility that while we may now be gleaning the first few data from the (4) trickling UFO disclosure, we have indeed learned something HUGE about human nature.

And what is that? 

Well, boy, do we Homo boobiens have an ability to put blinders on and let dogmas rule us, while at the same time allow ourselves to be manipulated by the contrivances of politicians and media, no matter ungainly. 

What if these linked stories are deeply linked?

We may also have been given a clue as to why the coronavirus contagion has successfully turned a whole population into willing serviles to the biggest assault on freedom in American history, for so little good reason. Ours is a decadent civilization, and the people are easy to control because they are poltroonish. Fearful of death. Manipulable.

I cannot help but wonder: are the four major stories of this year related?

It is easy to speculate that the pandemic panic and the protests/riots have been orchestrated by Democrats to regain control of the White House. But what if it . . . be . . . bigger

What if it is all being done to soft-pedal the most unsettling story of all time? That is, what if (1), (2), and (3) all revolve around (4)?

After all, UFO disclosure was a pet project of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. When Trump won, within the year AATIP was revealed and the TTSA moved mightily behind the scenes to nudge the first disclosures. 

The nature of the disclosure was determined by the Trump win.

And even the Trump win could be part of the story. After all, Trump’s most significant achievement during his presidency so far has been engagement with China. The SARS-CoV-2 came from China. The Democratic Party has served for a generation as the pro-China party. And China is quickly building a powerhouse of a space program. If the world’s governments have been sitting on the biggest story in human history, but the epochal secrecy is now in jeopardy, perhaps this is why (or at least part of why) they are now are scrambling into space. Advantage. Priority. Positioning. 

The Chinese warlords/pseudo-communists want in on whatever is coming.

And the reason the least attractive and least plausible candidates for the Democratic Party’s P/VP ticket were selected over better alternatives? Both are in on parts of the secret — Biden having been Vice President and briefed; Harris being on the Senate Intelligence and briefed — and both can be trusted by the DNC or the donor billionaires (or the archons or whoever) to leverage the information and advantage “correctly.”

Further, Donald Trump, nephew of the scientist who inventoried Nikola Tesla’s many trunks after the inventor’s death, himself may be playing for another faction — also likely Deep State — to gain that UFO advantage.

He who controls the disclosure controls the world.

But I am dubious that it can be controlled. Not really. It is too huge.


In my arguments, chiefly against the left, these days, I often do not get argument in return, I get counter-assertion, restatement, and laughing emoji reacts.

Arguing against these approaches pointlessness, and usually I just roll my eyes. But one must occasionally make a stand for reason.

A neighbor of mine is an old progressive. I would say he is an “un-reconstructed progressive,” but that would be wrong. All the old progressives I know do the pomo thing: racism, sexism, classicism, partisanship, relentless promotion of big government. Here is a typical Facebook interchange:

Now, my neighbor’s name I have obscured in black, his friend in red. The linked article was inapposite, so I responded:

Notice the only responses? Laughing emoji. I did not say anything funny, and my criticasters merely pretended not to be agelasts.

Then, not long after, my neighbor offered up another lame “meme”:

And here we get some argument, at last:

I leave laughter for other occasions: on the issue of group violence I am a stickler.

And even Paul Jacob strikes me as bending way too far backwards for the forces of chaos:

I give him some pushback, for I do not really agree with his general perspective: mass violence cannot easily be met with normal police action. It is warfare — Portland’s mayor calls it “urban warfare,” but more than implies that the federal government started it . . . which it did not.

Actually, Paul himself champed at the bit of this nonsense on Wednesday:

Cops vs. Mobs, Tyranny vs. Law?

“He was stuffed into what may have been a rental van operated by unmarked federal agents,” explained Cato Institute’s Patrick Eddington, “and taken to the federal courthouse, where he was interrogated without counsel. He wisely refused to answer questions and was then subsequently released without any kind of charges being filed.”

Eddington concluded: “I think most people would call that kidnapping.” 

The “he” — detained and questioned by federal agents* in Portland, Oregon — is Mark Pettibone. Whether the van was rented is irrelevant, nor do these agents or their vehicles require any marking.

And criminal suspects can lawfully be held for questioning. 

“So that we understand how police may remove someone from the streets,” Cato Daily Podcast host Caleb Brown adroitly offered, “we understand that they need to identify themselves. . . . that people who are placed under arrest retain certain rights to communicate with the outside world, to assert their ability to have a lawyer present for questioning.

“It seems that perhaps,” added Brown, “asking for a lawyer was the trigger here” resulting in Mr. Pettibone’s release.

Eddington agreed, but then announced that it “really does have the feel of Argentina or Chile in the 1970s, with the disappearances that took place. The only thing lacking was Mr. Pettibone being murdered by those agents.”

That is one big “only”!

“This is being done essentially to try to suppress protests in this country,” argued Eddington. “It has nothing to actually do with protecting monuments.” 

“We’re talking only about violent rioters,” Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli told NPR. “We’re not talking about actual protesters. We’re not seeking to interfere at all with anyone peacefully expressing themselves — period, full stop.”

Following the rule of law means protecting peaceful protests. And welcoming an investigation into the federal role in Portland. More concerning than Mr. Pettibone’s detention is the continued use of so-called non-lethal weapons, which seriously injured a protester weeks ago.

But the rule of law also means protecting Portlanders and their property against violence and destruction. And welcoming an investigation into the state and local dereliction of duty in Portland. 

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

* The Department of Homeland Security acknowledged that agents with the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) were “cross designated to support FPS” (the Federal Protection Service) in Portland “because of the demand for more manpower in light of the violence.”

So here Paul is resolute in opposing what I object to, the way our dominant culture bends over backward to cover for leftist mass violence strikes me as part of the post-modernist mind-rape that constitutes the psy-op of the Deep State and the old, old memeplex that is totalitarianism.

If it were not so dangerous I would laugh.

Maybe I will laugh at it tomorrow. Right now, eyerolls only:

Charlie Day Eye Roll GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The most idiotic story of the week: first, Bernie Sanders is told by U.S. intelligence that Russia is planning to aid him in the upcoming election; next, the story leaks to the Washington Post, which runs with it; and finally, Bernie confirms the “disclosure” and bothers to repudiate the alleged support.

“Unlike Donald Trump, I do not consider Vladimir Putin a good friend,” the statement [from candidate Bernie Sanders] said. “He is an autocratic thug who is attempting to destroy democracy and crush dissent in Russia. Let’s be clear, the Russians want to undermine American democracy by dividing us up and, unlike the current president, I stand firmly against their efforts, and any other foreign power that wants to interfere in our election.”
Sanders on Friday called the interference an “ugly thing” that is attempting to “divide us up.”
“That’s what they did in 2016. That is the ugliest thing they’re doing, is they are trying to cause chaos, trying to cause hatred in America,” Sanders told reporters. “It is an ugly business, and all of us have got to say, ‘Sorry, you are not going to do this in this election.’”

Myah Ward, “Sanders condemns Russian interference in 2020 elections,” Politico, February 21, 2020.

As if advocating for socialism wouldn’t be divisive in America!

Also, the disclosure seems more like a psy-op than anything else. What is the evidence that Russians were trying to tilt the scales to Bernie? The agents who told Bernie this — couldn’t they be playing him? Isn’t this likely? Leaking the story to the American public a week later strikes me as a way to throw a monkey wrench into Bernie’s campaign — we’ve been so programmed to freak out about Russian election interference that this whole scenario looks like campaign dirty tricks from a Deep State cabal.

The real electoral threat lies in the easily compromised electronic/digital voting systems, systems designed and implemented by Deep State contractors. The fact that almost no one mentions these in-jeopardy systems strikes me as a tell — that people do not care for the integrity of their electoral systems, and merely aim to use the issue as a partisan bludgeon.

That Bernie reacted as he did could be a sign that he is either not very bright or not very serious, or perhaps is, as evidenced so often, a coward in the face of power.

His response should have been eyerolls, and to call attention to multiple levels of psy-ops. That he chose merely to flail at Trump in a pathetic fashion shows just how little imagination and perspective he has. Maybe he cannot conceive of how deep the fakes run.

He is a naïf — like most socialists are. No surprise, there. After all, if adopting socialism, you must be either naive or evil.

Or both.