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img_2351Barack Obama was in Cuba when the Brussels attacks occurred. He made his usual “solidarity” speech for a paragraph . . . and then quickly went back to ballyhooing his new Cuba policy. While European leaders scrambled to appear statesmanlike for more than a few ticks on a clock, to reassure their people at length, and to marshal forces to track down the murderous Jihadists, Obama was laughing it up at a baseball game.

With Communist leaders.

This, as the folks at Fox News pointed out relentlessly, was bad “optics”; it didn’t look “leaderly.”

For some reason, the talking heads at MSNBC did not belabor the point in the same manner as the Fox folks.

I was immediately reminded of a similar moment, on 9/11/2001 when George W. Bush was informed that the World Trade Center had taken two hits. He was being recorded, for he was doing that most presidential of things, reading to children.

About a goat.

The look on his face? As he went back to reading the story?

Well, anyone who has seen Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 knows that look. Moore made much of it.

Past American leadership has been so witless on the Mideast that I don’t really know what Obama should be doing to fight Islamic terrorism, at this point. I am pretty sure he is at a loss.*

But we might want to give him some time to process the news.

Everybody has their own initial reactions. George Bush sure didn’t look presidential on 9/11.

Hint for all participants: maybe we should not expect immediate genius responses to crises from our leaders; and maybe they shouldn’t be on camera all the time, encouraging the demand for same.

* Watching Fox and MSNBC, I am even more sure that neither his supporters nor his critics have a clue. Their failure to realize how fundamental hegemonic violence is to Islam, or that their previous, ill-thought-out efforts have merely stirred the nest. A concerted attack on ISIS, done in the usual witless fashion, will almost certainly turn a hornet problem into a Hydra problem.


Barack Hussein Obama has been a great success for race relations in America. He’s proved, by example, that an African-American progressive can be just as scummy and tyrannical as any white Main Streeter — and, for some crucial issues, ideology simply doesn’t matter: The plutocracy will be served.

Racial equality, yeah! 

On The Daily Show Tuesday night, Jon Stewart summarized the previous night’s “foreign policy” debate along these lines:

  1. Romney, who had spent years calling the Obama Administration’s foreign policy “weak,” now agreed with most of it.
  2. Indeed, the two antagonists expressed almost identical policies, nearly in the same words.
  3. But it’s not a case of Romney coming over to Obama’s side, it’s simply his recognition of what Obama’s record is . . . and that Obama has, in fact, carried on the policies of the Bush Era.

Based on this, Republicans have no grounds to condemn Obama for his foreign policy, unless they condemn their candidate, too.

Romney flip-flopped, here, almost certainly because previously he had been talking to Republican voters, who do not know much about foreign policy and would not fact-check his anti-Obama assertions (and were, after all, bigoted against Obama); last night he had to put away such childish prevarication, because he was talking to everybody, and he couldn’t get away with lying about Obama’s record.

For carrying on Bush’s policies — especially after running against those policies in 2008 — I cannot forgive Obama. For lying about Obama’s policies (up till now), no one should forgive Romney.

On questions of foreign policy and integrity, neither candidate deserves any vote. Not a single one.