because I’m too smart to believe that other clever people can wisely micromanage the world as well they think they can, and too wise to believe that my similarly handicapped genius can do better.

because I have the audacity to insist that the public rules we apply to one person should apply to all, no matter what group that person may belong to, by choice or by custom; and because I have witnessed the great perversities that have come from the all-too-human love of pack-hunters’ hierarchies and the madness of social inclusion and exclusion, I insist on limiting the severity and scope of compulsion in civilized life. Further, I see no antinomy in asserting responsibility along with liberty, order without central control, or in finding the middle ground between fight and flight as curious reservation, and between love and hate as studied indifference. Civilized society is not a family, the state is not a parent — it’s not even a sibling. Political governance cannot assuage the traumas of our hazardous upbringings, or satisfy childhood resentments. Thus, a lack of love and concern directed to the bulk of humanity is not a tragedy of callousness or selfishness or greed, but merely the comedy of our own inherent limitations.

because I have learned that the perennial outsiders’ ideal of freedom can indeed be achieved for all, if only we give up the long con of living at the expense of others, or hoping to gain from others’ losses. 

Or, to put it in simplest form: 

because I prefer voluntary coöperation to bullying, whether criminal, tribal or political.