img_1527In the early 2000s, I occasionally essayed on the Web at the site Instead of a Blog. A few of those pieces will find their way here. Please stand by.

Before these Instead of a Blog quasi-blogging days, I wrote for a little magazine for which I started out as Assistant Editor and reached apogee with the title Executive Editor (unfortunately, I was not empowered to execute editors). It was called Liberty. I have placed a few of my essays and reviews up, online, under the banner @Liberty.

In 1999, I achieved escape velocity, leaving Liberty’s service to work in Seattle, during the last gasps of the 1990s dot com bubble. Yeah, my sense of timing could have been better.

I mark some of my (often lame) “visual memes” with this page’s pointer URL, You will find them listed on the vMemes page, which sports the pointer URL


So, why the strange “Instead of a Blog” moniker? I am getting to that. Some time back, Laissez Faire Books produced a line of e-book revivals of individualist classics (2014–2016), for its book club. Most are still available on iBooks and/or Amazon’s Kindle. I wrote forewords to a few of them. I might as well list them here:

Some of these “reprints” dealt with economic theory and history:img_4687