In June of 1986 I met Bill and Kathy Bradford at a party, a gathering of like-minded souls. In July he wrote me about a job, to help start a magazine. In August I traveled north to undergo a formal interview, and in late September or early October (I forget which) I packed all my belongings and moved to Port Townsend, Washington, beginning my img_1959work for R. W. Bradford by putting his library to order and helping research and edit his monthly hard money newsletter, Analysis & Outlook. In the Spring of 1987, we began the work of searching for a computing platform and developing the advertising for the new magazine, which we called, with complete lack of originality, Liberty. We hastily put together the first issue in June and July, I believe, and had it in hand for the 1987 Libertarian Party National Convention held in Seattle, Washington, that September.

That first issue brought to our readership two pieces by me, one under a pseudonym. They are “On the Shoulders of Hayek” and “The Matter of America.”

As time goes on, I will put up more of my Liberty writings here, at this location.