This open letter is important, showing just how evil the Covidian cult has become, especially in the academic world:

Most of the harassment against me began after ‘fact checkers’ cherry-picked one short radio interview that I gave to a lay audience. Some have accused me of only giving half the story in that interview. They were most kind; I was only able to reveal ~0.5% of the story. It is unfair to critique a tiny portion of one’s arguments that were presented off-the-cuff to a lay audience with no opportunity for me to respond in real-time. For your information, I have rebutted every single one of the ‘fact checks’ that I am aware of in various public interviews.

The public harassment of this academic is not only representative of the general mania, it is an exceptionally good case of how anti-truth the craze is:

An Open letter to the president of the university of guelph

You have allowed colleagues to harass me endlessly for many consecutive months. They have lied about me, called me many names, and have even accused me of being responsible for deaths. I submitted a harassment claim and your administrators ruled that it did not meet the bar of civil harassment. In stark contrast, I have been contacted by members of off-campus policing agencies who have told me that it exceeds the minimum bar of criminal harassment. I am sorry, but a faculty member can only take so much bullying and see such a lack of adherence to scientific and bioethical principles before it becomes necessary to speak up. Under your watch, you have allowed my life to be ruined by turning a blind eye to on-campus bullying, ignoring our campus principles of promoting mental well-being and a workplace in which I can feel safe. In addition to this you have banned me from the campus because I have robust, broadly protective, and long-lasting immunity against SARS-CoV-2 but lack a piece of paper suggesting that it was obtained via two injections. Did you see this front page of one of Canada’s major newspapers?

The anti-intellectual nature of this campaign against the un-vaxxed is quite clear:

An Open letter to the president of the university of guelph

You have stated on numerous occasions that your COVID-19 policies have only been implemented after extensive consultation with local and regional experts. Interestingly, however, you have refused, for some unknown reason, to consult with any of the senior non-administrative immunologists on your campus. I would like to remind you that vaccinology is a sub-discipline of immunology. Notably, all three of us have offered repeatedly to serve on COVID-19 advisory committees, both on-campus and for our local public health unit, which also lacks advanced training in immunology and virology. The three of us have stayed on top of the cutting-edge scientific findings relevant to COVID-19 and meeting regularly with many national and international collaborative groups of scientists and physicians to debate and discuss what we are learning. I think it is notable that the senior non-administrative immunologists unanimously agree that COVID-19 vaccines should not be mandated for our campus based on extensive, legitimate scientific and safety reasons.

Note that key point about a ‘scientific consensus’: “the senior non-administrative immunologists unanimously agree that COVID-19 vaccines should not be mandated. . . .”

The doctor has a powerful conclusion, and I will end with this passage:

I would be happy to have an open and respectful, but public and blunt moderated conversation about your vaccine mandate in front of our campus community; much like in the spirit of old-fashioned, healthy scientific debates. You can have your scientific and medical advisors attend and I will invite an equal number. I am not saying this to be challenging. I honestly think it would be a great way to educate our campus community and expose them to the full spectrum of the science. And, if I am as wrong as my ‘fact checkers’ say, I would love for them to demonstrate this for my own sake as much as anyone else’s. So far, despite hundreds of invitations, not one person has done this in a scenario where I can respond in real-time. You need to understand; all I want is my life back and to be able to recognize my country again. I want to see the lives of the students, staff, and other faculty members that I have seen destroyed be restored again. I want to be able to return to my workplace and not be fearful of being hated or exposed to social, mental, and physical bullying. Instead, I want to be able to turn my talents and full attention back to being an academic public servant who can design better ways to treat diseases and help train Canada’s next generation of scientific and medical leaders. I simply cannot know all that I have shared in this letter and have suffered as much as I have and be silent about it. My great uncles and family members before them served heroically in the World Wars to ensure Canada would remain a great and free democracy. I think they would be horrified by what they see in Canada today. Indeed, many of my friends who immigrated from Communist countries or countries run by dictatorships are sharing fears about the direction our country is heading; it is reminding them of what they fled from.

So, to what strange land have these emigrés fled? Canada, in this case, but only technically. A better name, I submit, is Terra Incognita — understood as a territory rational people strain to understand, where the people have become a mob, and the mob has gone quite mad.


h/t Tom Woods