It was great to see Brent Spiner again in his best known role as the android Data — even if presented only as in a dream.

As I was watching the first episode of Picard on CBS All Access, many thoughts came to mind. My appreciation for Brent Spiner was just one of them. Jean-Luc Picard is the star, and at first I thought a better name for his show would have been Old Man Picard.

But upon watching the whole episode, I came to the conclusion that there is available a much better name. For in a sense Patrick Stewart-as-Picard is not really the star. The star may actually turn out to be Isa Briones, playing the part of twin “synthetic” women.

Considering the nature of how — foreshadowing suggests — some unnamed conspirators get this synthetic set out of just one stray, remaining node of Data’s destroyed-in-Nemesis positronic matrix, and how they have already killed off (or: seemingly killed off) one of these twin cyborg/android/synthetics, the better name for the show becomes obvious:


Note: the show did not send up any immediate SJW On Board flags. Reading some reviews online, I see that I may not be in the majority, here. In any case, the show is not Discovery-dreadful. IMHO.