Oops, We Did It Again: Slavery

I was never much a fan of Britney Spears’ pop music. As the Nineties ended and the Aughts began, her music seemed to be everywhere. So I certainly heard a lot of it. That was a long time ago, and my memory for such things being so bad, I could be wrong to think that her popular image went from bubblegum/cheerleader type to slut/whore. She is nowhere near as popular as she once was, but she still regularly performs and, we are told, makes a lot of money. But one thing she does not have is her freedom. After a bout of recklessness and rebellion, she was placed under a conservatorship, and has been living as a slave to her family and managers.

This I gather from Tucker Carlson’s odd segment with Rose McGowan on Fox News, and the ramblings of Glenn Beck, who called Ms. Spear’s form of servitude “conservatoryship” and “conservativeship,” which was mighty peculiar.

But the whole story is mighty peculiar. This is a famous woman who is not allowed to marry, remove her implanted birth control device, or make her own business decisions. Her conservators run her life.

And here we thought slavery was not allowed in America, 13th Amendment and all.

Yet, we who love liberty know that slavery comes in several forms. Chattel slavery is not the only form. A conservatorship can be modified to serve in place of a whip and a deed of title.

Now we know one can be super-rich and a slave.

The modern form of slavery is indeed the conservatorship. We still walk around as adults, making decisions, working, etc. But we must pay exorbitant taxes, and our political and personal decisions — including about our health — are so circumscribed as to irrelevant. The native populations of most first world countries have settled into “negative growth,” and that is the result, perhaps, of the design of the system.

For some time now I have been saying that we do not live in a democracy or a republic, but under a military conservatorship. The American people know very little about what the Pentagon does, and the Pentagon and HUD have so cooked the books that spending and revenue into these two outfits of the United States Government are unknown — the amount of money that cannot be accounted for is about the same as the explicit federal debt. And then there is the bizarre aspect of our conservatorship: UFOs. The government has been lying to us about UFOs for years, and has engaged in an astounding degree of the control over our news media to mould public opinion to dutifully accept lies.

Indeed, I now suspect that one reason we now get these insane ideologies rolled out through our institutions, redefining how we think about slavery in terms of bizarre theories of race and power, is to distract us. From our current form of servitude. Why the witless 1619 Project? Critical Race Theory? All that buncombe? To control us all, to have us fight it out with each other. So that we do not notice how our lives and government are being run by the Deep State.

Sure, that is a conspiracy charge. A “theory.” A conjecture. I do not know it to be true. But we do know how corrupt and secrecy-based our government institutions are. Well, we have an inkling. As Jeremy Bentham said, secrecy is the tool of tyrants. Americans accept it because they have been moulded into serviles.


We should all sympathize with Britney Spears. For we are not unlike her.

We even elected a president — well, we are punished when we deny that we elected Biden, so let’s just say Biden was elected — who himself appears to be “managed” as if himself under a conservatorship.

It’s conservators all the way down.

And up.