I suppose the “conspiracist” theory of Joe Biden would be that he was chosen by the globalists for a purpose: to destroy the power and prestige of the United States to make way for . . . world government . . . China . . . our alien overlords . . . something something something.

Biden certainly has left a dump on the floor and is making his followers eat it up. Still enjoying the cries from the coprophiles: ‘but look what Trumpians eat! What fascists! Racists!’

You cannot say this isn’t grimly funny.

Yesterday, in Walmart, a likely lad had a sneeze coming on — I could see it build — so he removed his mask to not mess up what he was breathing through.

Ours may be the first civilization to die off laughing at each other.

Beginning to realize why old people must die:
to allow them their illusions about their replacements.

The cult of the omnipotent state is something I have been fighting all my adult life. But the cults of tribe and mob and Kultur? These I opposed in the third grade. The emergent property of groups — what Herbert Spencer called “superorganism” — is fascinating, sociologically, and when the social connections become faster and more complex, amazing things can happen. But I still insist that what matters to me is what The Individual takes away from the group and guides independent thought and action, not what the group does or what individuals do in tandem with the group. It is the civilization we carry on our shoulders, in private, that should be the standard, not simply that groups create new realities.

Individuals’ own realities, and the fantasies they create, in turn influence groups.

My dubiety about the vaxx mania is quite strong. And it increases when I hear things like this:

Folks who spit fire, wishing the unvaxxed to die, mock those same unvaxxed when they express suspicion that the vaxx has been designed to kill.

Vaxx proponents assert that the unvaxxed are causing new, more dangerous viral variants, just months after mocking Vanden Bossche for his warning that the vaxxes, which are not effective enough to induce herd immunity, will likely lead to immune escape, breeding new, more dangerous viral variants.

Almost no element of the pandemic does not contain some bizarrely spiked irony. Novel coronamemes!