According to this nurse — protected for now by the videographer’s code of anonymity — medical professionals do not test for or even talk about the “Delta Variant.” There is no test.

Presumably a few people look at viral strains under an electron microscope or similar tool.

What she sees in her hospital work is the normal COVID-19 symptoms in incoming patients and patients with symptoms (such as blood clotting; cardiac issues; cognitive problems; encephalitis; kidney issues) that she believes derive from the “vaccines.” But doctors shut her down mid-sentence when she makes the connection between the vaccine and the new patients. And there is no reporting to VAERS.

This is the madness not of crowds but of elites.

This discussion also talks about the strange official fixation on a drug with a shady history — remdesivir — and the anathematization of alternative treatments — like generic HCQ and Ivermectin. My expertise in medical matters is of course non-existent. But I can follow how people argue. The reason I doubt official explanations for the disease and its treatments? Because the official statements are patently absurd, contradictory, uninformed, and often simple lies. If our leaders cannot talk rationally about costs and benefits, risks and rewards, but merely repeat selling pitches like ”safe and effective,” they are to be scorned as scum of the earth. So I remain doubtful of the officially approved protocols. I thought we had learned early on that ‘ventilators’ were not a good treatment, causing damage to COVID patients, but apparently this extreme measure remains s.o.p.

Something very strange is going on.

There is a reason I talk about occult concepts, like “conspiracy” and “civilizational death wish” and “the madness of crowds” — because irrational behavior requires an explanation, and until you know for sure, consider powerful concepts even if they are scorned by our betters in the cognitive elite.

In my most recent podcast, I added a snippet from Peter Daszak. It’s one of several where he admitted to creating a virus out of a SARS-like bat virus in the Wuhan labs, with spiked proteins, the better to make a vaccine.

His pre-COVID confessions are known.

It is part of our body of historical knowledge.

Yet I know people who deny that SARS-CoV-2 is a product gain-of-function research.

Now, it sounds to me, from listening to Daszak, that he may very well be earnest. A fool, but earnest. He didn’t think he was participating in a bioweaponry scheme.

But the Chinese almost certainly did. There was and is military presence at the Wuhan labs.

So, Daszak and Fauci (who directed funding to Daszak) may not have known they were being played, though we cannot be certain they are not pure evil, rather than being corrupt evil fools. Give them the benefit of the doubt? When they confess their sins. Then we can listen. Until then, all possibilities must be on the table, and these two characters may be guilty of crimes against humanity.

Yet most people just accept the “wisdom” and “expertise” of the latest pronouncements from personnel at the CDC and the NIH. Who themselves have dirty hands.

The idea of mandatory vaccination has always been pushed in the context of herd immunity, with the hopes of eradicating the disease being fought, has it not?

The vaccines now being pushed, and which Biden wants to make mandatory (but admits he has trouble doing within constitutional limits), cannot induce herd immunity, and their efficacy is plummeting. The “safe and effective” talking point is decaying faster than a slug in salt.

And 14,000 VAERS deaths, in the context of most hospitals not reporting vaccinated folks’ deaths to VAERS, apparently means nothing to people.

And still I encounter whole conversations about mandating vaccines with no one mentioning natural immunity. No one. I have theories why, but I don’t know for sure.


Scott Adams can be quite the ass, sometimes:

Once again, note what is missing.

My response identified what Mr. Adams performatively pooh-poohs:

The immunocompromised shouldn’t be taking vaccines of any kind, much less these COVID concoctions. The status of the current vaccines, especially the mRNA ones, stinks: they are under-studied, and there is a lot we do not know about them; the studies that have been made are proprietary and full of hype, and were obviously not as good as at first billed; any added oomph the FDA approval could have made was vitiated by the rules the FDA broke to loosely justify the imprimatur; there has been so much lying and bullying about this experimental technology that caution is in order.

The reported harms caused by the mRNA treatments seem far riskier than the slim benefits, discounted from the hype by known liars. We live in the age of psy-op and propaganda. That has to figure in our risk assessments. We cannot trust even what our doctors say. We have to nurture suspicion. How many lies and goal-post moves does it take to inculcate a culture of incredulity?

I didn’t mention in my Twitter response that I live in a county with plenty of fat people and no deaths as a result of COVID. There is a clue here.

And, also not mentioned by Adams — as an option for why one might not want to vax up — is natural immunity. This is always blanked out in discussions with careless, thoughtless people. It is astounding that Adams would fall into that category. I suspect that when doctors say the vax is better than any natural immunity of those who have fought off the disease, they have fallen for junk science.

This elision of natural immunity from medical discussion does not pass the smell test.

In other words, it stinks.