I’ve heard a number of theories about why the vaxxed want to force the vax upon the unvaxxed.

All have some merit, perhaps, including the one I just encountered: “they want you dead!”

But I think a somewhat more subtle and occult rationale is more likely at play: the vaxxed know there are huge unknowns, and that the resolutely unvaxxed claim that the vax may be [“is”] deadly. This makes the vaxxed uncomfortable. They hate the unvaxxed, despise the unvaxxed. But they fear the unvaxxed may be correct. So one reason for universal forced vaccination may be to ensure that if their enemies are right, their enemies die too. They have made their gamble, and wish to make sure everyone shares the risk.

Which is the essence of left statism, now that I think of it.

Universal vaccination may serve, psychologically, as the most outlandish defense against falsifiability and a partisan ”we told you so” in human history.