To repeat a suspicion first aired by me in 2020: the reason we have had as many COVID deaths as we did (and they may not be as many as the America’s official tallies say) is that government, media and the pharmaceutical industry suppressed discussion and implementation of traditional and seat-of-pants therapeutics and standard emergency doctoring in order to legally allow for the fast-tracking of “vaccines” that did not work as billed.

In addition to blaming Fauci and Birx and the above-mentioned culprit institutions, the chief focus of blame must go to Wanna-Be Messiah Donald J. Trump, and then to his most ardent haters, the mobs of Trump-hating Democrats, and their elitist pol whip-masters, who found a way to leverage the pandemic over-reaction into a clever swamping of the electoral system to install a demented old nabob pervert into the White House.

The perfidy here is tremendous, and I blame them all. The charge is mass murder, perhaps genocide. And culpability accrues to Biden voters as well, perhaps, to future Trump voters.

A lot of people have a lot of soul-searching to do.