The key to understanding the Clinton Email scandal: it failed to progress because Obama is in deep. Up to his neck. He was caught with full knowledge of his Secretary of State’s outrageous flouting of the laws, and we have the records of his underlings scurrying to protect him.

It was understandably tricky — I mean, would you want to face down the most powerful man in the world? Hence Comey caved to pressure, this summer, as I explained months ago. But in his bizarro summary he signaled all we needed to know.

James ComeyWhat he had not counted on? His underlings went into near-open revolt. And they may be willing to take on the President of the United States.

There are insiders in Washington whispering “revolution” and “coup.” A bit dramatic, but not without some accuracy.

Contrary to Clinton-symp memes floating around Facebook (based on Clinton Machine lies and nothing else) the Clinton bathroom-based Email server was hacked multiple times by foreign governments. was not secure and uncracked — it is merely the case that we have no direct evidence of hacker tampering. Reliable experts testify that the server’s security was so rudimentary that a high-schooler could have cracked it, which means, surely, that major foreign powers did.*

My guess is that Russia, China, Israel, France and Iran have all that information. But that is just a guess. Whichever foreign powers have that information will not of course tell. Because each of these countries would have bargaining chips against the new Commander in Chief.

This gets funnier and funnier as we descend into madness.**

The U.S. of course is doomed. But perhaps we should let it go. If our two major parties give us Hillary and the Donald, it may be time, at long last, to call it an epoch and write the obits.

Or perhaps I am wrong. Maybe honorable FBI agents will save the whole shebang. Could it come to pass that the timocracy within the bureaucracy will save the democracy from the plutocracy — and thereby restore the republic?



* My sources for the hacking story, providing Hillary-like specifics, recanted a few days after stating it. Hence this edit.

** Some of the madness is partisan lying. There appears to be no truth to the rumor that the FLOTUS and POTUS Twitter accounts were scrubbed of any Hillary mentions. I hate these partisan liars. They do not make the case against corruption any stronger. the opposite is the case. Indeed, this is so obvious that one has to wonder if such rumors are part of the Clinton Machine propaganda and dirty tricks divisions. (Am I paranoid enough, yet?)