In America today the argument about immigration . . . borders on the idiotic.

Everyone seems to pretend that the debate has two sides, and that they are

Limited Controlled Immigration
Open Immigration.

This is obviously not the case, for while The Wall side of the debate does want to crack down on illegal immigration, the other side actually supports (and even insists upon) Subsidized Immigration.

I lean towards open immigration, but that is not an option at present. Libertarians who pretend that open borders and free immigration are actually on the table strike me as naive at the very least. And what they are at most, well, I will not say, for it isn’t nice to say such things about your friends.

More amusing are the supporters of open borders, for though they are enthusiastic supporters of a welfare state, and even seek to extend that welfare state’s benefits to all people who can manage to get within U.S. borders, they almost never address the question of sustainability of their beloved transfer state programs.

Further, they evince a de facto policy preference in all things: what is legal shall be taxed or subsidized; what is illegal must not overburden “traditionally marginalized” groups.

And it is obvious that folks on the limited immigration side lack the courage or intelligence to attack the subsidies — which in California are set to go even to illegal immigrants* (because, I surmise, they are as addicted to subsidy as a way of life as anyone) — though, generally, they appear to understand that the practice is wrong, is indeed disastrous in the long run.

The sane compromise between the two positions? Well, that is not viable: free(ish) unsubsidized immigration. Why is it not politically possible? That should be investigated. As a matter of no small concern.

*   There have been Republican attempts to prevent illegal immigrants from obtaining taxpayer subsidized benefits, but these are adamantly opposed by Democrats and courts have stricken them down. I am not sure they could be obtained without a constitutional amendment at this point. And remember, front-running Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has come out for full medical support for illegal immigrants: